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The art of being free.

Sep 3, 2020

Being free, something that everyone is looking for, and probably a lot of people would say “i am free”, but let me ask you something, are you.. really free?

Are you free of your ego thoughts? are you free of what other people think of you? are you free of being yourself 100%? are you free to do what you love every single day of your life?

If the answers were YES, i honestly congratulate you! because not a lot of people is able to to that.

The thing is, we all need to work to develop ourselves fully, we all need to dive deep into what we really are, get to know ourselves and find out what we really want in life, even if this human experience is sometimes weird or if you sometimes feel like nothing make sense, is absolutely beautiful to be alive, to be with people that you love, to express yourself freely, to smell the trees, to watch a sunset, to eat your favorite food, to hug your dog, to travel and so much more…

Let’s focus on the beautiful things in life more than our worries or negative thoughts that are doing nothing but hurting us and distracting us from the beauty of life; Let’s open ourselves to let the universe guide us, so we don’t have to worry anymore , let’s feel supported by life’s energy, that is guiding us all the time but we don’t see it, because we are so focused in our mind, in the things we have to do, in our thoughts that we are missing what the universe has to tell us.

But you can change that, only if you want, you are the creator of your life, you decide what you accept and what you don’t, we are the ones to decide!!! so take your power back, you are the artist, make a master piece!

Start to work in yourself, Start to enjoy being alive, Start living life.

Be present - Trust the universe - Ask for divine guidance - Take off your mask and let’s be FREE!!!

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