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Best Sex & Love Life Sessions

coaching session
$300 USD
$300 USD

Best Sex & Love Life Coaching Sessions & Programs For Individuals & Couples.
Are you ready to heal the past, become more empowered, and start to experience the sex and love and life you really want? Then awakening and expanding your sexual energy and connection is paramount!

You Can Easily with Best Sex & Love Life Coaching!
These customized personal intimacy and relationship coaching sessions give you the knowledge, tools, practices and experiences to ignite your sex, your love, and your entire life!

Increase your energy and vibration, while rapidly up-levelling your sex, love, and life!
Sexual magnetism is the key to personal success.
Learning to harness and direct sexual energy is separate from your sex life with a partner.
Sexual energy is different than sexual activity.
Let’s awaken and increase yours!

Best Sex & Love Life Coaching is for Singles, too! Partnered or not. Inclusive for all genders and sexual orientations.

When working holistically, with energy, you get more permanent results, faster. These sessions provide you with the expert coaching, experiential practices, pragmatic tools, and healing arts and therapies, to awaken and empower your sexuality, relationships, and life, to new levels of consciousness and pleasure.

Get your mind-body-spirit-and sex connected!

Sessions and programs are completely customized and offered in a variety of formats (in-person and virtual) designed to suit each individual’s interests and needs.

You Receive:
Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Coaching & Education
customized personal support and resources that will awaken, empower and transform your sex, love, and life.

Holistic Wellness Guidance & Care
that will increase your sexual and overall health and wellbeing

Healing Arts Therapies, including Tantra, Energy & Bodywork
to ignite and create the changes and healing you so desire.

Homeplay Programs
written guides for your assignments in between sessions

for questions and more support between sessions.

…to improve your sex and love life immediately!
This is what makes Sacred Temple Arts so unique and more effective than other marriage and sex therapy, and relationship coaching. Sessions include more than just talk! In addition to coaching and education, you also do experiential practices and receive healing arts therapies.

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Newburyport, MA, USA

Hi! I’m Sacha, a Holistic Sex, Intimacy, & Relationship Coach, Educator and Healing Arts Practitioner.
I can help you get the hot juicy sex life you’ve been wanting, partnered or not!
Let me guide you with my unique modern version of Sacred Temple Arts!

Programs are custom designed.
Visit sacredtemplearts.com for more info and sign up for a complimentary consultation!

On Core Spirit since October 2019

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I do not offer classes currently. And yes I offer sessions virtually or in-person (in Massachusetts) for individuals and their partners/couples.

Yes, it sure can. :)

Hi Martina, I recommend checking out my website sacredtemplearts.com for more resources and videos (Your Best Sex & Love Life channel) and signing up for a complimentary call with me to create a custom designed program for you.

Intimacy Coaching
Sacha Fossa, Sacred Temple Arts
Jul 24, 2024, 13:00
Best Sex & Love Life Sessions

Hi Jolly, yes I offer sessions for those with their partners, too.

Hello Julia, I am sorry for such a delayed response. I did not see your comment until today. Yes I can help you discover how and why your relationship is not moving forward in the way you are desiring and how to create something new to be unstuck. And we would look at why you are looking at what is wrong with instead of what is right about this? :)

Jolly3y ago

Hello! Сan i attend a class with my partner?

Julia Bander3y ago

Hello! My relationship with my boyfriend doesn't seem to be moving forward, we're stuck. But I really can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Can your session help you figure this out?


Hi Martina! By becoming a great lover to yourself and loving your body foremost. As well as by awakening your sexual energy, increasing your erotic IQ and learning your and his love and intimacy languages. You can learn these and more through my sessions/programs. Thanks for reaching out. -Sacha

Martina Malone3y ago

I want to be the best lover with my husband in bed, how do I achieve this?


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