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Mar 31, 2020
Sacha Fossa, Sacred Temple Arts
Core Spirit member since Oct 30, 2019
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by Sacha Fossa, Holistic Sex, Intimacy, Relationship Coach, Educator and Healing Arts Practitioner. Certified Erotic Blueprint™ Coach.

Learn Your Sex Languages

Perhaps you have heard of the 5 Love Languages developed by Gary Chapman? His Love Language system is a highly pertinent tool for all types of relationships. Renowned sexologist Jaiya’s Erotic Blueprint™ system, The Sex Languages, is ideal for all intimate relationships, including your primary one with yourself!

Erotic Empowerment

I’ve been studying and training in the Erotic Arts for two decades and when I learned about the Erotic Blueprint™ system (aka the sex styles or sex languages), that’s when my sex life, solo and partnered, really took off. The Erotic Blueprint system is fool proof for raising the roof on arousal and passion and clearing sexual shame, intimacy issues and many more challenges one can encounter in the bedroom.

You can discover your own erotic map, how to navigate it, and get the tools you need to get your sexual needs met, solo and partnered through learning the erotic blueprint system. You can radically and immediately increase your erotic IQ by learning about these 5 different types of sexual wiring!

We Are Erotically Wired Differently

Every one of us has different erotic wiring, how we are sexually wired to what turns us on and how we most like to receive pleasure. Thus we are often speaking different erotic languages. When we learn more of the others languages, and how to become more fluent in each language, we become more erotically masterful. We realize that more often than not when it comes to our partners, we are having a translation issue, not incompatibility.

How Are We Wired Differently?

Energetic Blueprint™

Some like space, tease and anticipation. What is called the Energetic Blueprint™. Playing in the Energetic Blueprint my focus on playing with energy and perhaps crystals or other toys or props that have an energetic component. One will just play with their own, and/or a partners energy and the energetic connection, perhaps with tantra practices.

Sensual Blueprint™

Others get turned on by their senses and like the right temperature, music, scents, food, and lighting in their environment along with sensual touch. The Sensual Blueprint™ may like slow sensual massage with a warm scented oil. Sensuals like to create a beautiful space, dress sensually, play with soft and sensory stimulating props, and/or have a partner do so in a gentle and soothing, sensual way.

Sexual Blueprint™

Then there are those that simply like a straightforward pathway to turn on and sex producing climax. The Sexual Blueprint™ is about let’s get naked and get it on hot and heavy fast. The focus is often visually on sexual body parts. It’s what is portrayed as the cultural norm, especially for men. Yet the blueprints are actually more equally distributed amongst the population which is also why it’s so important for us to understand them all.

Kinky Blueprint™

Some like what is taboo, edgy, maybe considered kinky. The 50 Shades Of Grey phenomena brought the Kinky Blueprint™ into the mainstream (with a poor portrayal of) yet this blueprint is still often not considered to be what it is-another way many of us are sexually inherently wired. Playing in this blueprint is about certain taboos, edge play, and/or psychological buttons being hit for turn on, and for getting into altered states.

Shapeshifter Blueprint™

And then there is the Shapeshifter Blueprint™, which is a combination of the other blueprints. Shapeshifters love it all and want consistent variety! They are the most fluent in the other blueprints, extraordinary lovers that are sexually sophisticated and erotically intelligent.

What turns you on can, and does often, change over time during different life and sexuality stages, and also day-to-day. Yet we can find that generally, we have Core Erotic Blueprint(ing)™ that is our line of least resistance to our turn on. As long as we are not in our shadow repressing it.

These Erotic Blueprints are important for your sexual satisfaction, deeper connection, and getting more of what you want, partnered or not. They help to dismantle shame surrounding sex and bring about more sexual empowerment.

Get Erotic Blueprint Guidance

Erotic Blueprint Coaching sessions and programs (in person and/or virtual, with a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™ like myself) include practices, games, and exercises to deepen your knowledge and expansion in each of the Erotic Blueprints™.

Erotic Blueprints Saved Julianne Hough And Brooks Laich Marriage

Recently, the blueprints hit the media (as seen in Oprah Magazine, Good Morning America, People, ABCNews, The View and more) when Julianne Hough explained that she had hired Jaiya, to improve her and Brooks Laich sex and love life.

Julianne Hough talks about how working with an Intimacy Coach and learning the Erotic Blueprints helped to “better understand each other’s intimate needs.”

As a certified Erotic Blueprint Coach™, I guide clients through the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course, the same one Julianne Hough did, so you can experience deeper connection, more passion, pleasure, arousal and overall sexual satisfaction. Partnered or not, diving into this blueprint system with me as your guide will epically improve your sex life.

Passionate Possibilities

To find out more about how I can help you get Erotic Blueprint educated and more…

Sign up for a complimentary Passionate Possibilities and Take The Erotic Blueprint Quiz (links below!)

To find out your specific intimacy imprinting. Then watch my class on to get started on your path of more erotic empowerment immediately..

. https://www.bingenetworks.tv/media/become-a-better-lover-now-learn-the-5-sex-styles-334125

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Sacha is an Erotic Arts coach, educator, healer and life long adventurer whose life and business motto is:

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Sacha Fossa, Sacred Temple Arts
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