Balanced Nutrition For Herbivores

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$39 USD
$39 USD

Learn about maintaining a micro and macro-nutrient balanced diet for Vegans.

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Texas, USA

I am a Holistic Health Coach & Artist. My experience emphasizes on Balanced Nutrition & Spiritual Healing. I believe that everything is energy & that all things are interconnected. My main philosophy is that when we create the right conditions for health, dis-ease goes away. I am here to guide you in awakening your innate ability to heal yourself.

On Core Spirit since March 2021
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Victoria Hudson2021-04-24 22:33 UTC

Hi love, I do include some of my own recipes. I also include guidelines to help you create your own recipes based on your bio-individual needs + preferences.

Sherry Turnbull2021-04-19 08:35 UTC

Hello. Could you please tell me if your program includes recipes? Cooking is something difficult for me, so it’s easier for me to rely on recipes.

Victoria Hudson2021-04-17 22:44 UTC

Namaste love, this session is 1 hour long. I believe my knowledge in this area to be 1000% accurate as I have gone through 6 years of academic training and a decade of personal practice + study.

Lina2021-04-16 19:30 UTC

Hello. how accurate is this practice? how long does it last?

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