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Ask an astrologer why your heart hurts

$15 USD

Does your heart hurt? Do you not know why? Are you in denial? Do you need some help? Hit me up with what’s going or any clues and your birth time, date, and place– and i’ll see if i can help!

Note: I can point to specific energies to look for to help you figure this out, along with what suggestions on what to do for relief. While I’m a major mental health advocate, I am in no way a therapist.

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I’m honest, I’m empathic, I’m down-to-earth, and honestly I’m just as upset are you that we have to be self-aware in this cruel joke of human perception. We seek, long-for, and dream of stability in a world of change. Love is a mystical drug and it’s secrets really put a butt in those nice visions we were having about our future! Alas, I cannot go on in 400 char. Been at this for 6 years.

On Core Spirit since November 2020

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