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1 : 1 consultation

$250 USD

Initial consultation and follow up session to help you lower the stress and anxiety that’s been affecting your performance at work and affecting your health + well-being. Stress isn’t just all in the mind or circumstantial - it’s physical too. Your brain health + gut health are connected - whatever you feed your gut, you are feeding your brain. We work on this together to heal you from the inside out. The results can be amazing - lowered stress levels, better skin, more energy, better concentration : the benefits are endless! Just as you would tax and MOT your car; you need to look after yourself too x

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Hi, I’m a nutritional therapist who has helped women to lower the stress and anxiety that affects their health + well-being. This is done through diet and lifestyle changes over 90 days with me supporting you.

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Phoebe Savir
Mar 25, 2021

Good evening! I recently graduated from the University, but I still don’t have a job. I am very worried and feel like a loser.Will studying with you help me to get rid of such thoughts?

$250 USD
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