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Hi Marc,

Great question!

Let's see, so as in Reiki, shamanic healing does employ energy healing, but there are many kinds of energies (and they can also be called differently), which can be used and it is all done in various contexts, which can take into account such things as your particular trauma, a particular part of you, which needs healing, be it a body part or a part of your soul, maybe it's targeted at your outdated/destructive beliefs, soul contracts, etc, etc. To explain in more detail would take many many pages :)

This is just a small part of shamanic healing though. There is much more involved, such as your soul, your spirit guides, your ancestors, your past lives, your karma, your soul world, so to speak. And that's just your stuff. I guess you could say that the shamanic healer is a kind of liaison, who takes you to different parts of yourself and who invokes the various appropriate energies, souls, and systems to help heal your issue.

How can you prepare for a shamanic healing session?

First of all, there are many different approaches and one healer's session is not the same as another healer's session.

For my session, all you need to do is to try to be clear about what the particular problem is: what do you want to change? What do you feel is blocking you from doing that change yourself? What in life do you expect to improve as a result of that change?

Just a few examples:

  • I want to get rid of my addiction problem.
  • I want not to be afraid of doing xyz.
  • I want to change this thing that keeps happening in my life again and again.
  • I want to have a healthy relationship.
  • I want to have healthier limits and boundaries.

However, many times, when we need healing, we can't figure out clearly what we need healing on, and that's ok. You can just describe what in your life is not going the way you want it and I would be the one to clearly see what issue is currently presenting itself for healing and I would provide the healing for that.

Just to make it clear, for my session, you will not be expected to enter a trance state or anything. I'm the one, who has developed this ability (and not just in this life) and I will be using it. I don't need drums or substances or anything to get there. I just have it since childhood and then I developed it as an adult. You don't need to do anything like that because I'm the healer and it's my role to do it.

Is it safe? I'm not sure where you may think the danger may come from. You're not expected to do anything, like get into a trance state or anything. So no danger can come from that. If you're concerned about any other source of danger for this kind of healing, please specify where you think it might come from.

Thank for the question and sorry for my late reply again :)

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