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Alexis Suarez2022-06-23 11:45 UTCin global channel

Focus on what you have.

We spend a lot of time immersed in our problems. But problems are also a sign of life. The only time we won't have problems is when our lives are over. And if you want to take your mind off your problems, you have to be grateful for what you have.

Gratitude is the surest path to health, happiness, and success. This shifts our attention to what we have and not to what we do not have. It is the natural abundance of simple pleasures and opportunities with which we are endowed and blessed, and which we often take for granted.

If we learn to appreciate what we have now, we can use our blessings to improve our lives and get what we could have dreamed of!


Jonathan Tayron2022-06-23 11:47 UTC

Yes, this is a useful habit, because at the very beginning, each of us has practically nothing, and those who achieve success have achieved it thanks to the little that they had.