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Hi Michelle, yes indeed. My aim with clients is to help them to walk away feeling happier, more positive and full of enthusiasm for the next stage of their journey. I do have a lot of clients who come back to me, but it's more for the conversational and insight element; for them to leave me, feeling more confident in their own skin and able to deal with the world more easily, is the key.
I use the astrological chart to identify areas of change/complexity in the past present and future and with the correct time of birth it's possible to have an idea of which areas of health could be improved. So whilst obviously I wouldn't diagnose or act in any way as a medical professional; it is possible to ascertain the most helpful style of meditation, provide dietary and fitness advice, and also to give suggestions as to bach flower remedies which could help to unblock emotional areas.
I'm just finishing off an article actually about how to improves one's mental health and connection to the soul journey, just be looking at the position of your Moon when you are born.
I hope this answers your question and I hope to be able to share the article with you in the next week or so, when it's hosted on AskAstrology.

Reiki blessings to you~~~~

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