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Krystof Huang3y agoLa Sanación: Na…

My 95 year old godmother is a healer, writer of fantasy fiction, and former concert pianist. She has healed many people and never charged a dime. All her life she has had premonitions that she would die during Christmas. Now she feels this is the year. But her life has been very sad and positive things are finally happening. So she would like to break the appointment so as to continue her participation. She feels that only a spiritual healer can do this. And it is easy to find a directory of potato chips that is customer rated. But seems impossible to find a rational directory of healers. I think I will start one. But meanwhile Fernando is the only listing that looks interesting. He rejects labels. Reiki or any specific school or religion means they have taken a weekend course in a specific school and/or their fame depends less on results than on narrow minded belief. Millions of Americans have recently voted to reelect a proven pathological liar and believe the most obvious lie just because they agree with him--even to the point of claiming an election was rigged against him--meanwhile we have voice recordings of himself attempting to rig the election. He is especially followed by 70% of serious religious followers--and so we see where that leads. Moreover if any famous school of healing really worked then its use would be as common as morning coffee. Of which there is no such thing. So my first choice is to start my own directory with customer ratings. And my second choice is Fernando Albert. And my godmother says she needs and wants somebody right away.

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