Vedic Medical Astrology

A Complete Approach – Mind, Body and SpiritVedic Medical Astrology is a branch of Vedic Astrology and is a science that demands knowledge of both Astrology and Medicine. It takes years of acquiring astrological and medical expertise including a complete understanding of anatomy and physiology to qualify as a medical astrologer. As an Ayurvedic physician, I use the combination these two sciences to accurately understand diseases and advise clients on the best procedures for regaining health.The

What is Medical Massage?

What is a medical massage?It’s becoming increasingly more common for the medical profession to incorporate massage therapy into a patient’s treatment plan, and is often prescribed by a doctor. This prescribed massage, referred to as a medical massage, is often prescribed by a physician and performed by a specialized therapist after an accident or chronic pain injury.Who performs a medical massage?A massage therapist must be a certified medical massage therapist in order to receive referrals
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