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The use of magic mushrooms throughout time

There are more than two hundred types of (psilocybin group of mushrooms) on the planet. Psychedelic mushrooms are widely used for recreational purposes as th...

Demi Powell
How various Traditions create New Spirituality

We like to see the ancient world as filled with a lot of certain religions, all somehow clear and authentic in themselves. But the reality is more complex, f...

Demi Powell
Here is what dreams have to do with mysticism

There is basically no difference between the waking state and that of dream, except that one seems more stable than the other. Only after there is awakening ...

Demi Powell

When New Agers talk about Tantra, more often than not they’re actually referring to Neotantra, a modern movement focusing on sacred sexuality but having litt...

Lois Castro
What is Quantum Mysticism

The term “quantum physics” is derived from the latin word “quantus” meaning “how much” and Greek word “physika” which means “of nature”.

The term metaphysic...

Marian Yates
Warding Evil and Welcoming Luck: Protective Amulets of the Ancient World

In the past, human life was vulnerable to disaster; Disease, wars, famine, natural disasters and many other factors could easily claim the lives of individua...

Tiffany Roberts
Mysticism: When Science and Religion Converge

Science has not replaced religion, nor does it have the potential to do so. The two amount to different ways of knowing: objective and subjective; ascending ...

Tiffany Roberts
An exploration of mental illness in correlation to heathenry, sorcery and mysticism

Generally speaking, “mental illness” is a social artifact. What is adaptive or maladaptive “mentally” is based on the basic assumptions of a society. So, thi...

Emma Wood
Christian Mystics Explained

What A Christian Mystic Is Not:

As you begin to discover the depths of your soul through the tradition and beauty of Christian mysticism, you will also quic...

Darrel Powers
Today in History: Jewish mysticism in Prague

On February 23, 1592, it was reported that the great rabbi of Prague, Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel, known as the Maharal, met with Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf ...

Jeanne Davis
Mysticism in Sikh Religion

Mysticism is a vital part of the perennial philosophy. In all the major and minor world religious traditions, mysticism has a definite place. The mystical qu...

Jodi Simon