The Nonexistent Angel
Jun 8, 2022

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Our world feels as if we humans are becoming ever more disconnected from ourselves and each other. Once we had the capacity to cordially disagree on topics. Now we find ourselves with knives drawn on almost everything. With everything we see and hear in the media, a lot of days we all just want to pull the sheets up over our heads.
Let’s take a pass on that.
Look around. There is so much death and destruction all over this planet. There are moments—sometimes far too often—when it feels like the Angel of Death is coming for us all.
Let me frighten you.
This is not the apocalypse. It is not the end of the world. It is not the time for the heavens to open and Somebody to descend.
Unless you’re on an airplane pulling into your destination. Then safe landings are a good idea.
Don’t expect the expected answer. Don’t look for the answers in life that always used to be true to be true in the future. They are no longer our reality.
Our old and no longer correct assumptions are challenged. If we have the guts to follow through, we are dared to think in new ways. Creation is turning us around. Regardless of whether we think we’re ready or not, we are face to face with the Maker that sees us.
It doesn’t matter whether or not we think we see our Maker. Our Maker sees us.
Pay attention to the Creator. All of the angels who guard, teach and protect us come from the Creator. Just like all of us. Perhaps it makes our cynicism easier if we imagine that this is the end of days.
It’s not.
If you are one of the people who believe that we are waiting for the Second Coming of Christ, here’s information for you. You’re a couple of thousand years too late. The first coming was the birth of the one called the Christ. The second coming was the resurrection. We are past the time of the Second Coming.
Move forward. Move on.
Do something new and different with your life.
Wake up to the reality that the spiritual currents which previously carried us are gone. We’re in a new time. Our Creator dares us to take all that has been good and bad in our lives and build new.
Feeling defeated by wars and shootings and famine is a feeling. The world lived through the World Wars and depressions. We lived through the 1950s and the 1970s with massive inflation and turmoil.
We lived through it.
In the 2020s we have a new current of life. Sometimes it feels overwhelming. As if life is too much of everything. Like no good can ever come back to us. If we want to feel defeated, we can. But it’s only a feeling.
Yes, I am disgusted with the madness in the world around us.
No, I will not give up on life.
Any time I hear the arguments for and against gun ownership, I get it. I was ten or twelve the first time I held a gun. It was a hunting rifle. And that is precisely what we did. I went hunting once in my life and decided I’d prefer the butcher shop. Guns are for hunting and protecting the livestock from four legged predators.
Wars or indiscriminate use of weapons is incomprehensible.
Life at this moment is risky. Do we have the courage to wake up to a new dimension of physical and spiritual life? Are we able to risk giving up what was safe but is no longer safe?
To let in the Spirit of the Creator? To listen to the angels telling us it’s time to move forward?
From where I now sit I can hear a toddler singing and making all sorts of happy young child talk. I have no idea what the child says. I do know that the sound of that happiness, that joy, draws me in.
The sound carries me. It makes me feel that yes, in spite of the horrors we witness in our world, life is possible. When I listen to that voice it is like listening to the angels. It is discovering all over again my ability to be human.
Am I adult enough to become more mature?
Spirituality demands that we grow up and out and in every which direction. Always. To the point where we no longer need to force ourselves to think about it. Where we grow because it is the right thing for us. It feels right.
Growing up spiritually demands sacrifices. We no longer need what have become negative thoughts and behaviors.
We get to learn to live for more miracles. New miracles. To expect that we can be positive persons. To be positive force for good in our lives, even if we do not think that we can do good for others. When we allow in positivity, allow miracles in our lives, the result is good for everybody.
Right now, that can feel hard. It can feel hard at any time, but in this time our world is heavy with sadness and mourning.
Our days are not about the Angel of Death.
They are about the Creator of Life.

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