Stay Awake
Jun 1, 2022

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To be spiritually alive we have to be in the “do” part of life. The part where we are in the middle of life, making things happen.
Living in the “don’t” kills any hope of a positive spiritual life, much less spiritual progress. It’s like the young woman I met who was a conservative Southern evangelical. She believed tarot cards were from the devil. At the same time, she loved the idea of angel cards. She blanched when I told her angel cards are just another form of tarot cards.
She thought she was living in the “do”—moving her spiritual life forward—because the cards had angel drawings on them. All the while blinkering herself to reality. Tarot cards are fine, but I have never understood the point of them. What the angels tell me goes beyond decks of cards.
The angels have also told me that anybody can hear God and the angels speak. We all have that ability. Most people simply refuse to open up or are afraid. They are afraid of God. Afraid of the angels. Afraid of themselves.
We are dared to stop living in the “don’t”. It’s too easy to be stuck, to seize up with fear. We can live our whole lives in the “don’t”. In negativity and fear of being happy and alive.
That accomplishes nothing.
That isn’t living. It isn’t being honest with ourselves. Life isn’t about the “don’t”.
It’s pretending to be brave while actually being spiritual cowards.
Life is doing. It’s thinking about what you can do. Do here and now. Think about the you whom you truly wish to be. The choice to be spiritually fulfilled takes more than sitting in a café. Drinking a cup of coffee and watching the world go by can be helpful if we are learning from the world.
What are the people doing who seem to have purpose? The ones running along talking on the mobile phones remind me of the old saying about being able to chew gum and walk at the same time. It takes something more inside, a sense of interiority, of intention, for us to move our spiritual lives forward.
Telling the young woman that angel cards are just another form of tarot cards was not enough. I was merely passing on freely available information. That is not the same as helping someone move their life forward.
I told her that she could learn what she wanted to know from the angels themselves. She could get even more and better information from God. She could do better than cards.
That idea confused her. The idea that she didn’t have to sit down with a special deck of cards and a person or book to explain the cards threw her off base. There is no magic in directly communicating with angels. God is always available.
We get there together. We help each other. It’s a community effort.
Staying awake is being fully engaged in life. Being in the middle of life means learning how to use our God connection. Once we make that connection, we have to work to keep it.
I have seen God and angels all of my life. I have also seen ghosts. I have seen devils as long as I have seen angels.
The bad may try to overwhelm the good, but it’s only a try.
To see God and spirits I have to stay awake. I have to do the work it takes to be open for communication. This is not a one-way street. I learned a very long time ago that communicating with the spirit world can be like listening to the radio. If you want a clear signal, get out of the wind. Stop inventing static.
If I pout and throw a tantrum because I don’t get what I want, I live in negativity. I am outside the sphere where life happens. Where all of the excitement occurs. Where being human is its best.
God waits for us. Sometimes God laughs. You think you can’t hear God laugh, but don’t pretend to yourself. When we are childish and foolish, God laughs.
I have heard God laugh. It’s terribly annoying. It’s notice that I am not living in the spiritual zone. I am removing myself from the God Squad. It tells me to get my act together because I am making my own life negative, dark and unhappy.
There is no joy in behaving badly.
It’s a reminder that I am living in life’s hallway. That is where life challenges people. One door has closed and I don’t see all the other open doors. I can’t even fathom that maybe a door slammed shut in my face because it was the wrong way to go.
It was the door of no spirit life rather than the door of eternally expanding spiritual life.
I need to put myself back in the place of creative spirituality. Not being there makes my life worse.
I get there by living through the mundane moments of life. My soul has the opportunity to expand during really horrible days.
Being awake, putting myself in position to grow spiritually and become ever more the person I was born to be, is a gift. It’s up to me to accept or deny the gifts of the Spirit.

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