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Your Brain is a source of Conscious Energy

Jan 11, 2022
Johann Strerath
Core Spirit member since Feb 28, 2020
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January 11th, 2022

Your brain is energy. You are energy!

As energy, you interact with more energy, within and around. Simple!

When you stop for a moment to reflect about the Universe, the Divine, the Higher Self, or whatever name you wish to identify yourself with, either in the form of a prayer, or a meditative estate, you will gradually realize that your mind is creating a sacred energetic field of images, thoughts, and feelings to interact with an elevated source of infinite energy, that flows continuously. Therefore, you can access it at any time, just by pausing in silence, and simply allowing your incorporeal brain, the mind to flow in such sacred energy.

God is energy in continuous motion, within, and around us! So, it is every other living creature that surrounds you and me. It is so delicate, yet it operates at very high levels of consciousness and frequencies that involve invisible sensations of joy, inner peace, and love.

The only reason why human body consciousness experiences suffering, depression and many other so called illnesses, is because its energy vibrates at very low frequency levels, manipulated by the EGO mechanisms of fear, doubt, guilt, and sorrow, among many others.

Such low levels of consciousness create dense emotions in the mind, that in turn, generate a psychosomatic reaction in the body, and in the form of organic and chemical disorders.

The lower your inner energy, the more conflict you experience with other frequency levels of consciousness.
Energy is a flow that either, attracts to other sources of energy, or repels away from those sources. That is why your level of energy either attracts people or repels them away from you... Think about this for a moment!
This is known as the physical law of electro-magnetism, which is present in everything within and around the whole Universe.

Since energy is motion and movement all around, it is also considered Consciousness.

Consciousness is motion. It is the condition of existance for everything that is...

Take a moment to pause, breathe deeply, closing your eyes for a moment, and simply surrendering your busy mind to the Consciousness of God within You.

You will then start realizing that Love, Peace and Joy are within you, because that is all that God within and around you, really is!

You will then understand that you have never been alone. The love, peace, and joy of your Divine Source of Energy - God - has always been and will always be within and around you.

Johann Strerath

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