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March 29

You Should Detox with Hydrogen Peroxide. Here is How

Marguerite Little
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

Most people wrongly assume that their pH level is either normal or unimportant. However, the truth is that most people (due to both natural functions in your body and a unbalanced diet) are acidic. Not only do most people consume acid forming foods (such as sugar, meat, grains and of course processed foods) in large quantities, but the same people often consume alkaline foods (such as raw vegetables, fruits and water) in very small quantities.

Thus they have grossly unbalanced and often acidic pH levels.

There are two ways to know if your pH level is too acidic. First, you can purchase test strips for your urine or saliva that will give you your pH level (these are very easy and reliable). Or, you can also ask yourself if any of the following symptoms describe you:

  • Constant fatigue

  • Easily running out of breath

  • Frequent sighing

  • Muscle pain or cramping after walking short distances

  • Often feeling like you can’t get enough air

If any of the conditions stated above describe you, your pH level is probably too acidic. Luckily there is one very easy and enjoyable solution, a Hydrogen Peroxide bath! The basic affect of having a acidic pH level is a lack of oxygen in the body. Which is why people with high acid levels often have lower energy levels and poor immunity as the body does not have the necessary energy to fight off infections.

Also, low oxygen environments are ideal for anaerobic bacteria (which is the bad bacteria). Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) has an extra oxygen molecule that provides the body with a extra oxygen atom so it can donate an extra electron to a free radical (which has lost one) and still remain a oxygen atom.

Recorded medicinal use of Hydrogen Peroxide dates back to the 1920 edition of the medical journal Lancet which described the successful use of H2O2 during World War 1 for pulmonary related conditions (often from chemicals used in war). Since then, over 7,000 publications have been produced highlighting the health benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide. Because the skin is the largest organ in our body and warm water opens the pores, a Hydrogen Peroxide bath is the best way to absorb the healing benefits of H2O2. It is recommended you try to remain in the bath for about 30 minutes. During this amount of time, your body can absorb up to 4-6 ounces.

To reduce acidity and restore your body’s proper pH balance, follow these instructions carefully:

1. Prepare a warm bath: The warm water will open your pores and help maximize your body’s ability to absorb the Hydrogen Peroxide.

2. Add Epsom Salt: Add about 1 pound (1⁄2 kg) of Epsom salt. Epsom salt (being hydrated magnesium sulfate) will help draw out nitrogen from the body, which is abundant in pesticides and fertilizers. This will help reduce internal acid levels, but will increase acid levels on the skin, so make sure to take a cool shower after the bath to eliminate these (see below).

3. Add 1 liter of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (diluted to 3%): DO NOT use drug store hydrogen peroxide. This has a ton of added ingredients that are toxic. Instead only use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide (it is relatively inexpensive) diluted to about 3% with filtered water.

4. Soak for 20–30 minutes: Allowing your body enough time to absorb the maximum amount of H2O2 will enhance its effectiveness.

5. Cool Shower: After the warm bath immediately take a cool shower. Rinsing off the nitrogen and other acidic compounds that surfaced to your skin will help maintain your new pH level.

Remember, this bath will increase your oxygen level, thus your energy level too. Do not take this bath in the evening as you may have trouble sleeping immediately after. Also, try this bath if you are sick (especially with the common cold). Alternatively, if you have trouble taking a full bath, soaking your feet in the same solution will provide enough meaningful therapy to produce desired results.


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