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You Are a Rainbow – Seven Levels of Intelligence
Mar 29, 2018

Grace Armstrong
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
Reading time 5 min.

Epistemology, the study of knowing how we know, is fundamental to focused intelligence. Howard Gardner of Harvard University, and author of Frames of Mind, identifies multiple levels of intelligence: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, musical, bodily kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal.

This chapter is the first of a series of eight that introduces the wonderful world of color psychology, or what I like to call perceptual psychology. It uses a color-coded model of intelligence developed to its maturity by Christopher Hills that mirrors nature’s tendency to reproduce everything in octaves of seven with repeating eighth notes. Each of the next seven parts of the series will cover one of the inner worlds of color that each one of us experience to one degree or another.

There are seven biological energy centers that are situated along the spine, which act as prisms to breakdown the background non-visible light into the spectrum colors. Each master endocrine gland is associated with a color as are different traits in our personalities.

For most people the idea that colored light applied to the body can be a powerful key to unlock the mysterious interactive connection between body mind and spirit is something new. Light and color propels our evolution, our physical healing and defines who and what we are. It is the light we follow when we leave this body and life on earth.

The whole confusion between life and death comes from too much fixation on the body and not enough attention to the fact that we have a light body which is actually called by the ancients the Rainbow Body because it both absorbs and radiates out light and color, which can be easily measured with today’s technology as a matter of routine.

Color Psychology offers us the clearest key to understanding the mind and how it functions and thus how it can be used. Dr. Max Luscher brought color psychology into the modern world over fifty years ago and his work was brought to fruition by Hills in his work Nuclear Evolution.

We are rainbows and our minds operate and resonate differently with each spectral color. In fact each color shapes the function of each level of mental activity. Epistemology is the study of how we know and perceive things. Perceptual psychology is crucial to us simply because this is the knowledge that illustrates how we perceive, or more importantly, misperceive ourselves, others, and the universe at large. Everything that we know and think and experience is a result of some perception that we make with our consciousness.

Our Rainbow Body is in reality, the perceptual clothing our souls or beings wear while inhabiting this planet called earth. It is very interesting to note that the following map of human consciousness by Hills mirrors Gardner’s work at Harvard University on multiple levels of intelligence.

Red – Physical Intelligence – The ability to perceive the universe and understand it through the five senses. Knowing how to take care of one’s body and health, exercise, diet, sport, healing and medical intelligence.

Orange – Social Intelligence – The ability to associate and understand oneself in relationship to others. Leadership abilities, the ability to nurture relationships and maintain friendships, conflict resolution skills, and social analysis, the ability to understand other people.

Yellow – Intellectual Intelligence – Our rational and analytical ability to organize information. Logical thinking ability, problem solving, sequential organization, the ability to see inconsistencies, weigh opposites and make judgments.

Green – Emotional Intelligence – Also known as heart intelligence, this is the science of understanding ones emotions and feelings which mix all the other levels of intelligence into what might be called a “feeling” intelligence.

Blue – Conceptual Intelligence – The perceptual world of memory, ideas, concepts and meaning. The ability to form mental models that incorporates entire fields of information.

Indigo – Intuitive Intelligence – The ability to cut through ‘mental’ fields of knowing to the essence. Intuition is the perceptual power of direct perception. Here we just simply know without knowing how we know. Einstein was a champion of the intuition. He said, “I think with intuition.”

Violet – Imaginative Intelligence – Is in one aspect an aspect of our highest intelligence, the ability to form and communicate with images. This is the level of creative intelligence, the ability to form something from nothing. Howard Gardner refers to this as spatial, musical and artistic intelligence. With the primordial power of the imagination we constantly recreate external reality somewhere between our two ears. We literally see with our imaginations.

Color Psychology is about how our personalities are structured and formed around our conscious or unconscious absorption of light. Our vehicles of light or “light body” are absorbing the cosmic light through the prism of the chakra system. We absorb, mix, and eventually re-radiate out this light. This process that is going on deep within us and makes us very much who and what we are.

The chakra system is the lung of our light body. The seven biological chakras that our situated along the spine act like prisms to breakdown the cosmic light into the spectrum colors. Usually each personality is breathing fully on only one or two chakra levels so you might find one person predominately intellectual, the next, an artist working on the violet or imaginative level and so on. There are literally billions of combinations and the most conscious person has opened all the chakras or levels of perception and plays on them (the mind) like a conductor would on his orchestra. Our experience in life is determined largely by the color levels that are functioning; which chakra is most open, and which is most closed.

Christopher Hills was my mentor and it was he who saved me from my own ignorance. His thousand page books Nuclear Evolution and Rise of the Phoenix explain the heart of the subjects above but what was most important about his work was getting beyond the mind altogether. He was the one 30 years ago that taught me that the heart was much more than just a pump.

The point is that we are light, we eat it in the form of food, we absorb it directly from the environment via the sun, and we process it not only on physical levels (vitamin D production) but also other more subtle levels inside the chakra system and in our astral bodies.

My life was changed only two years ago when a cancer patient gave me a BioMat, which I have used ever since. It radiates out far infrared light into the body all night, and though the effect is mostly physical, it radiates a warmth that touches us emotionally thus nurturing our non-physical being. Everyone loves them because secretly we all love the light and its warmth.

Light is the Secret of Life

The use of color and light in healing and in cancer treatment is important and should not be overlooked. So step out into the sun today and realize its blessing in your heart, mind and soul. It is not possible to survive for long without the benefit of the sun.

Personally, I start the day solar gazing, when at my Sanctuary, meaning I eat the sun with my eyes when it comes over the horizon early in the morning. The Egyptians knew what they were doing when they worshiped the sun, the giver of life on earth. However, there is the cosmic light that comes from all points of the universe converging right this second in your brain, forming your awareness along the seven color levels, even if you are hiding in a very dark cave.

by Dr Sircus

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