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When Science and Spirituality Come Together
Jan 29, 2021

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During my internet travels, I came across a place where science and spirituality are studied hand in hand. The wonderful thing is that one doesn’t make sense without the other.

That place is a called Quantum Physics. Lynne McTaggart author and investigative journalist writes about this subject in her book The Field, that references many scientific studies showing how your mind and what you think has an influence over your body and your environment.

This book led me to a biologist named Bruce Lipton. One of the most happiest and inspirational people I have come across online.

Now I’m not going to even try to explain Quantum Physics but put as simply as I dare. All atoms and the particles that make up the atoms live by different rules than anything we know in normal life. The particles are drawn together by energy fields. Particles can move differently than larger matter. The same particle can even be in two places at once! Also particles and energy fields during tests did not behave in the predicted way and gave different results depending who was observing them. It changes the way we have always viewed reality.

Dr Lipton says that genes are just a blueprint. With the new science of Epigenetics, our environment or our perception of the environment control genetic activity. We have to adjust our thinking to believe that we are not victims of genes, bugs, germs etc. We are the masters and have the say over what effects us and what doesn’t when it comes to disease, ageing and so on.

Although it’s easy to say that in theory, it’s hard to do in practice. Dr Lipton says that before the age of 7 we ‘download’ everything from our environment. From our parents, teachers and peers. How to react, behave, what is or isn’t important, huge amounts of information. All this downloaded information becomes ‘set’.

By the time we are adults, all of this downloaded information becomes part of our subconscious brain. Dr Lipton says that we spend 95% of our lives operating on the subconscious mind. Only 5% is conscious.

Our conscious mind is the creative, wish filled brain that has desires and looks to the future. The conscious brain is what can be called truly our identity. The problem is that we are on ‘Automatic’ most of the time, letting our unconscious mind go through life with predicted actions and reactions that really, are not even ours. They are learnt from other people.

That explains why we dream and hope for better things in life but the rest of you is doing everything it can to sabotage those wishes because it is programmed with a different belief.

The key is to reprogramme the subconscious.

Dr Lipton suggests hypnosis and subliminal sessions to do this. I am a huge fan of this. To go to sleep with, wake up with, take power naps with. They restore me and give me renewed enthusiasm, concentration, contentment. They do take time but over time you start to experience the results. YouTube is a good place to start.

There is nothing to be afraid of with any of it. (You are not going to end up clucking like a chicken at work if your co workers ask you for a stapler)

During a session, you go into deep relaxation. With a heightened sense of awareness, concentration and focus. You can wake up and be alert at any time you wish and if there is anything being said that you object to, even if you think you cannot physically hear it, you can dismiss it if it goes against what you believe.

If you look below each video description on YouTube, there will be a write up of everything that is being said during the session, to put you at ease, as many of the subliminal suggestions are too quiet to be heard. (Although your brain will pick them up)

Find a speaker or sounds that you enjoy listening to, not that annoy you in any way. Do a search for Subliminal… or Hypnosis… and insert what you are looking for eg confidence, stop smoking, creativity, wealth etc.

Dr Lipton also explains how repetition also makes actions and behaviour become part of your unconscious. This includes voicing and behaving like you have something already. Believing that you are getting younger and heathier and saying it out loud ‘I am heathy!’ is more effective than saying “I wish I was healthy” Even if it feels silly at first. With time your body will believe it and manifest it in the physical world.

There are many other good behaviour modifying techniques available and it’s good to do your own research to see which one suits you. Tapping, NLP, Psych-K are just a few.

Well, have tried to explain it the best way that I could. It has had such a big impact on my life and it’s such a huge subject in general, I have only just skimmed the surface. I have included some links to start with if it is interesting to you or if you need a better explanation. It is such an empowering experience that you can control your life and you are not just a victim of circumstance.

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