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What should one do to open the spiritual eyes, then? Where is the Spirit, the Spirit, in other words, the Soul?

Nov 23, 2021

Dorabom(watching-in) of our study is the beginning and the end. That is Gyeon-Sung(Seeing into self-nature,見性) is the law of Dorabom(watching-in). One has to do Dorabom(watching-in) to see Soul of the heavens and earth in one´s brain, so to speak, the spirit. As Gyeon(見) means watching and Sung(性) means nature, so to speak, refer to seeing the spirit.

So, without Dorabom(watching-in), this study is impossible in Bomnara metaphysics. However, the reason why it is difficult to do Dorabom(watching-in) is because it has never been heard of before in the world, never even thought of it, and moreover, it is something that one has never tried to do or watch in one´s life.

One just tries to figure out Dorabom(watching-in) conceptually, once one know and regard it´s over, however, which doen´t work at all.

So, the essence has to be seen with Dorabom(watching-in), but materials, the world is consist of materials. It's a material world. All things in the heaven and earth are substances. Even though the sky is the same as we call, but the sky seen outside is different from the sky seen inside. The sky of essence and the sky of phenomena are different, I mean.

So, here comes a big problem of Dorabom(watching-in). It's something one´s never done before, something one´s never walked on, never told, or even heard of.

It´s never said anywhere in any religion. It's the first time we've named Dorabom(watching-in) now in Korean.

So, what if being asked, why can´t one do Gyeon-Sung(Seeing into self-nature,見性), then what would be one´s answer?

- No power to do Dorabom(watching-in)

The power of Dorabom(watching-in), one can´t activate the power of Dorabom(watching-in), therefore, one can't make it even in hundreds of days.

It´s not done at all just because one knew it, but through one´s daily life, when one is always acting, moving the body, even the blinks of eyes, which one has to be awaken to. One can do while studying and working, right? Do it while walking, too.

If that's the case, it's just success. As long as one settles into a life of Dorabom(watching-in), it's just success. There's nothing difficult about it. By the way, now, what we call the Great Opening is nothing different. In a word, the Great Opening(Gae-Byeok) is that seeing outward with our physical eyes is being turned into seeing the essence with our spiritual eyes, too.

-Opening the spiritual eyes.

What should one do to open the spiritual eyes, then? Where is the Spirit, the Spirit, in other words, the Soul? It's the spirit of the heavens and earth, one can say it like this, too.


Where is it, where does one watch when one do Dorabom(watching-in)? Where in the world does one see?

Earl-Gool(Face in Korean). It's inside Earl's Gool(Face, Cave of Spirit). When it comes to what this is called Earl, it is the spirit and the life of the heavens and earth, isn't it? Earl can also be said to be Soul but there are only words left. By the way, what do one has to do to see it?

With physical eyes, the physical eyes has no choice but to look outside, and in order to open the spiritual eyes, one has to do the eyes Dorabom(watching-in eyes). One has to see inside of one´s eyes. It's like taking words that doesn't make sense. That telling one to do something one´s never heard of or done before is killing and annoying one.

Only if one open the eyes will one be able to realize the essence of the universe.

What we see with the physical eyes is limited to what we see. If one lives in NY, the US, one can only see New York in the US. From here Seoul, one can only see Seoul and Iceland, one can only see Iceland. Mountains, fields, people, and everything is the only thing one can see in there. The physical eyes are limited. This is, in a nutshell, what does one see with the physical eyes? One sees materials. Matter.


In other words, what does one call it? The phenomenal world, is one looking at the phenomenal world?

- Seeing the phenomenal world.

One is looking at the phenomenal world. The reason we're going to Dorabom(watching-in eyes) is to see what? What is for us to see let alone the phenomenal world?


The essence, to see the essence. What essence is is Earl(in Korean), the spirit, the soul, so to speak.

- What do you mean by watching inward?

So now, when one walks one should see one´s limbs moving, when one speaks one should hear one´s own voice, and when one nods one´s head one should know that one is nodding, and when one blinks one should notice that one is blinking.

There's a saying of Hang-Joo-Jwa-Wa and Uh-Mook-Dong-Jung(行住坐臥 語默動靜)


Hang-Joo-Jwa-Wa(行住坐臥) means when one walks, when one stands still, when one sits, when one lies down, Uh-Mook-Dong-Jung(語默動靜) means when one talks, when one is silent, when one moves or when one doesn't move, which means one has to be awake noticing in every state like this.

-What is in a way that noticing, nevertheless I used to not doing it until now, but you are saying I have to live noticing it, so what in the world is there in noticing it?

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