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Here is how Medical Massage can help you
Jan 14, 2021

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What is a medical massage?

It’s getting more and more widespread for the medical profession to include massage therapy into a patient’s treatment strategy, and is typically prescribed by a doctor. This prescribed massage, known as a medical massage, is often prescribed by a physician and performed by a specialized therapist after an accident or chronic pain injury.

Who performs a medical massage?

A massage therapist has to be a certified medical massage therapist in order to get referrals from doctors or work in a hospital. To receive certification, therapists must undergo between 300 – 500 hours of training.

The majority of massage school courses incorporate an obligatory internship or externship in medical massage therapy. This gives them practical experience before a therapist sits for the national massage examination.

Training for a medical massage certification includes the following modalities:

- Neuromuscular therapy

- Myofascial release

- Lymphatic drainage massage

- Muscle testing

- Trigger point therapy

- Rehabilitative stretching procedures

What types of injuries can be helped by a medical massage?

With medical massage therapy, people find relief for:

- Sciatica

- Carpal tunnel

- Back and neck pain

- Sports injuries

- Work-related injuries

To find out whether a medical massage will work for your condition, we suggest getting the advice of a medical professional.

Do you need a referral for a medical massage?

No. Nevertheless, insurance companies may cover massage therapy sessions if prescribed by a physician as part of a treatment plan.

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