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What is Failure?
Sep 17, 2020

“The only failure in life is not to be true to the best one knows”

This statement is as profound as it is confusing. Like any good investigator we will have to ask certain questions to find what it is we are looking for. Let us attempt to analyse this statement using a few basic questions.

What is this “failure” that this statement is referring to? To understand something we need to look at its purpose. What is the purpose of failure? Who knows?

People have different viewpoints when it comes to failure. Some people can fail a test and not be bothered, others will want to commit suicide if they do not pass it. Some people will see failure as a challenge to better themselves and others will use it as an excuse to give up on a certain path. People may view themselves as a failure if they cannot make money while others will see themselves as a failure if they cannot let go of material things. Nobody can really define failure, that means that nobody can really define the opposite of failure either.

Success must also then be a point of view. So, now that we understand that this “failure” and “success” thing is really only a point of view…

What point of view is this statement trying to bring across to us? To be true to the best one knows, seems to be so vague, but it is so simple. We all have a right to be here and that means we all have some or other purpose on this planet. Even if we do not find it, it does not matter.

We need to be true to the best we know. How do we know what that is? There are many different ways that people are teaching other people to find stillness and travel within themselves. This means what? It means that we need to explore our own internal universe with all the facets pertaining to a universe. What? That sounds crazy!!!

Yup, it does, but nonetheless, we have a universe inside of each and every single one of us, that is connected to the universe on the outside of us. Only by exploring our own universal nature can we be true to that part of us that knows best. If your heart speaks to you through your stillness and this heart of yours convey a truth that you cannot deny, then listen to it the best you can and be true to that. That is the best that any of us can know. See “failures” and “successes” for the viewpoints that they are and embrace both of them with a graceful indifference.

May we all be true to the best that we know!

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