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What is Courage
Aug 18, 2021

*Courage (From Latin word cor meaning heart): Original definition when it first came into the English language was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. *

To be ourselves is probably one of the hardest things we can do. We have a fear of judgement that forms the underlay of our existence and seems to have a great deal of power.

We think about what other people will say about us. We worry if they will approve or if they will accept us. We slowly start to forget ourselves. We slowly start to forget our story. We are the directors and the actors of our own stories. We should remember that.

Amazing that the story of essence can only ever be told by yourself because your vibrations emanating from your mouth synchronizes with your story and creates a harmonious flow that is felt by those around you and understood by every fibre in your being.

I think it is also understood by the people that we interact with. They feel and resonate with people who have the courage to share from the heart and not from the mind and ego all the time. All of these are necessary of course, but most of the time we are afraid to open ourselves to the judgments of other people.

So take a minute, breathe deep, let go of judgement and start opening up your story and share it!

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