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Welcome to My Heroes
Sep 26, 2019

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Welcome! Here at My Heroes, we strive to provide a welcoming space for equine therapy. We aim to enrich and improve the lives of our participants through the use of our gentle friends. For over a decade, we’ve been working with those who can benefit from physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and other forms of therapy. We’re proud to provide incredible facilities, a passionate support staff, and access to some of the most graceful, kind creatures—our horses.

Let’s delve in a bit deeper into how hippotherapy works, who can benefit from hippotherapy, and how to sign up!

How Does Hippotherapy Work?

With equine therapy, our horses serve as a helpful tool that provides both a physical and mental connection for the patient. Unlike a traditional therapy clinic, the environment is fun, engaging, and stimulating. We work with each individual person to build a therapy program with sessions catered to their unique needs. Hippotherapy, or equine therapy, also works in conjunction with other forms of therapy, providing further benefits.

Who Can Be Treated?

The benefits of hippotherapy are numerous, and as such, equine therapy can be helpful to almost anyone. We consistently work with autism-spectrum patients, as well as people who have cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, developmental delay, post stroke, TBI, and more. If you’re curious about how equine therapy can be beneficial, simply get in touch with us here at My Heroes.

Although we don’t currently accept Medicaid, Medicare, Peachcare or any other state-run insurance, we may be able to accept Out of Network insurance coverage, depending on the plan. Again, reach out to us if you’re unsure whether you can utilize insurance coverage for your hippotherapy sessions.

Sign Up Today!

Ready to get started? We can’t wait to meet you (and neither can our horses!).

Registering is easy, simply click a link to your nearest location below, and follow the instructions:

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