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April 18

Water: The Ultimate Negative Energy Remover

Water-The Ultimate Negative Energy Remover©

Norman W. Wilson, PhD

In previous articles, I have written about removing negative energy. Among these were the use of dowsing rods, eggs, salt, and incense. Negative energy, that energy we feel as acrimony, bad vibes, or bad karma, according to recent studies is real. There is yet another choice available for removing negative energy and that is water.

Without question, you are familiar with water to bathe, to wash clothing, dishes, and myriad other things. Most likely, few have used water to remove negative energy. We experience negative energy from people in our workplace and social areas. We pick up bad vibes in the environment including our homes and from our thoughts.

It’s a proven fact that negative ions are released by running water. This helps to purify the environment and consequently promotes healing in individuals. How then, do you use water to remove negative energy?

You will need a small tabletop water fountain or one of those battery-powered candles that bubble water. Do not use a diffuser or humidifier.

You can use water from your faucet or bottled spring water. I do not recommend using distilled water. Furthermore, I strongly suggest charging the water before using it to disperse negative energy.

To charge the water have a clean and sterilized glass jar with a lid. Fill the jar with tap water or bottled spring water. Place a piece of gauze over the top of the jar, and secure it with a rubber band. Place the jar in the sun for two hours. Remove the gauze, replace it with a clean lid. You can now fill the fountain or candle. Sit the fountain or candle on your desk, near a chair in which you are sitting, or as a table decoration.

©Norman W. Wilson, PhD 2021

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Hello Eva. First, thank you for commenting on my article. The one shown in the photo without the candles sits on a nightstand. If you wish, you can place it on a table in front of you and go into a meditation.

Eva Glain
May 18, 2021

Hello! Thank You so much for the article and for this advice! Tell me, please, should the fountain itself be located next to me or just in the same building?