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Using Breema Bodywork to Heal

Jan 20, 2018
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The origins of Breema massage can be traced to the early 1980s, when it was founded near a village in the United States. The massage was said to be a distinct form of revival and garnered a lot of interest, with many workshops established to teach how to perform the Breema massage.

The goal of Breema bodywork is to create harmony between the mind and body by balancing the recipient’s energy. In Breema bodywork, a practitioner works on the recipient’s body. In Self-Breema, clients perform exercises on their own.

Benefits of Breema massage include:


Release of physical, emotional, and mental stress

Increased flexibility

Awareness of one’s own energy


The Breema System

The Breema system, which includes the Nine Principles of Harmony, places particular emphasis on the experience and comfort of the practitioner, teaching that the best way to support others is by being truly present with them. Performed while the recipient is fully clothed on a padded floor, Breema bodywork uses a wide variety of rhythmic movements, gentle stretches, and supported postures.

Breema Massage in Practice

With the recipient typically lying on the floor with cushions underneath for comfort, the massage therapist directs the patient’s body through a series of comfortable yet strategically ordered movements – including stretches, pulls, muscles leans, poses, and rhythmic movements. The treatments are designed to stretch the muscles gently, without causing discomfort. Breema exercises are conducted in a nonjudgmental en atmosphere, bringing about physical, emotional, and mental balance for good health and providing relief from fatigue and strain.

Breema Bodywork Nine Principles of Harmony

Comfortable Body

No Extra

Firmness and Gentleness

Full Participation

Mutual Support

No Judgment

Single Moment/Single Activity

No Hurry/No Pause

No Force

Through treatments, recipients can expect to feel improved mental clarity, relaxation, more energy, and more balanced emotions.

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