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Top 10 Psychics Online 2022
Jun 17, 2022

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Top 10 Psychics Online 2022

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Online psychic readings are gaining their popularity in 2022. More and more people find guidance, support, and a sense of direction with a help of insightful psychic readers. However, it might be hard to choose a good psychic on the Internet. This article will tell you how to choose a psychic reader online as it gathers some of the best psychics of 2022.

1. Megan Elaine

Megan Elaine is dedicated to Mind, Body, and Soul health. Megan is a certified Yoga Instructor (200 HR), a Reiki practitioner (Level 1/2), and a certified Psychic Medium trained in the Psychology of Energy Communication (PEC method). Megan looks forward to offering Yoga, Reiki, and Psychic Mediumship to clients who are on a journey through their Mind, Body, and Soul health and healing.

Meet Elaine today:

2. Suzi Parrett

As a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant Suzi has been giving Spiritual Readings for over 30 years. She can bring messages to you from your loved ones on the heaven plane. As a Spiritual coach she helps adults and children understand their own gifts in seeing spirit. As an Angel Therapist she helps her clients to start working with their Guardian Angel. She is a teather of the Angelic Realms/Meditation.

Meet Suzi today:

3. Holly

Holly has studied a wide array of metaphysical, psychological, and philosophical materials. Specializing in life coaching, dream interpretations, psychic readings, tarot radings, meditation, hypnosis, and meditation, she also earned her reiki certification in 2020 from Udemy. She has been doing readings and dream interpretations since 2018.

Meet Holly today:

4. Christina S. Lewis

Christina is a Reiki master trained in Usui Reiki Ryoho and Gendai Reiki (Modern Japanese Reiki). Her training includes years of self-work, energy theory and practice. It also includes hands on practice with other students doing a variety of energetic techniques. She has plenty of experience with energy work both in person and long-distance. She works on healing the root spiritual cause, not spiritual band-aids.

Meet Christina today:

5. Veenita R Solanki

Veenita is an Indian psychic reader who is intensely interested in Occult Science. With 6 years of experience and extensive knowledge of Numerology, Palmistry, Awarded Tarot Card , Reiki Healing. She has a great number of satisfied clients. You can connect with her for !) Career 2) Love & Relationship 3) Health 4) marriage 5) Education 6) Family 7) Name Correction

Meet Veenita today:

6. Shari, the Soulmate Seekers Love Coach

Shari specializes in soulmate journeys. While getting to the heart of your issue with a straightforward approach, she will help you see the choices you make that lead you into the same cycles that have yet to bring you happiness and help you see why. She deeply feels emotions and can connect quickly.

Meet Shari today:

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