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Hi all, As a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant I have been giving Spiritual Readings for over 30 years. I am able to bring messages to you from your loved ones on the heaven plane. As a Spiritual coach i help adults and children understand their own gifts in seeing spirit. As an Angel Therapist i help my clients to start working with their Guardian Angel. I am teather of the Angelic Realms/Meditation.
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Dorset, UK
I Coach adults and children understand the spirit realms. Especially if a small child is seeing spirit, I help them understand it is nothing to be scared of. I help my clients understand their own gifts, so they can become aware and develop them. I love introducing my clients to their own Guardian Angels, and show them methods of how to hear and communicate with them. I help them use that in their every day lives so they can receive message from the Angelis realms. Part of my coaching with the help of the Angels is to help re balance my clients life where need to enhance a happy life and get my clients on their spiritual path. I usually do my coaching with people globally, on the internet. This service does not need for me to be in person. My sessions are normally an hour at a time.
Dorset, UK
As a Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant I have been giving spiritual readings for over 30 yrs. I am able to converse directly with spirit that are connected to my clients that are on the heaven plain. I bring messages to my clients from their loved ones on the other side, which can help them in their live here and now! Every Spiritual Reading is different, some readings do have Angelic intervention. The Archangels can be present and have shown up many times in my readings. This is usually depending on my clients needs. My Readings normally can take up to an hour, I usually record the sessions for my clients so they can always go back and listen to it again. I give readings all over the world weekly. I do readings for my clients on Facebook Messenger and other platforms. I don't have to be in the same room to give accurate Psychic Readings.
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As a Spiritual coach i help my clients both adults and children to understand that seeing spirit is nothing to fear. I help my clients understand all about the Spirit Realms. I love indroducing my clients to their own Guardian Angels. And show them