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This is it! Commit.
May 24, 2023

**** This is it! Bring all of your commitment to this moment.
Open your heart to it. Engage completely with the task at hand. Relish whatever is here, in front of you.
This is it! This is all there is to life. This moment. Open your heart to receive it fully. It does not get any better.
But, we can’t seem to be able to bring all of our commitment to anything. It seems like a risk to dedicate ourselves completely to anything. This noncommittal way of being in which we don't give our heart and soul to anything, will not fulfil us.
The rewards of embracing 100% commitment are immense. It might be easier than it seems. One does not need to do something very different or extraordinary. We only have to let go of being the half-committed person that we were being and let our heart lead us to ‘be’ 100% committed — here and now, to whatever is at hand, at the moment.
This is what our heart craves too.****

We don’t commit

We can’t seem to be able to bring all of our commitment to anything or dedicate ourselves completely to anything just doing ‘the best we could’ -a reasonably sufficient measure of sincerity, that we have come to deem satisfactory. Even the expression ‘the best we could’ betrays our unwillingness to take complete responsibility, as if it wasn’t really up to us to give our all. We just couldn’t have.

You’ve been holding yourself back

With a little introspection you can see that in all of your commitments, you hold yourself back. Even in your commitment to the relationships that matter, to your work, the spiritual quest, or to hobbies that could give your self-expression, you keep some of your commitment in reserve.

Wishing and hoping

Without committing ourselves, we hope and wish that things would turn out fine anyhow, on their own. After all in our hearts, we are good people — that ought to be worth something!

But the truth is that if we can’t bring ourselves to commit to what is at hand, then our participation in it is incomplete and inauthentic. Not worth much.

You used to commit yourself when you were younger

When you were young you always gave your all, but then you hurt yourself — really bad. Like, got squashed! Then, you decide to be cautious, not give your all to anything, anyone. Never brought all of your commitment to any table. Don’t want to risk it all again like that.

It feels risky to commit

When we consider committing ourselves to something completely, it feels like we are taking a risk. It feels like being a warrior going to battle. “I am not sure I’m ready to go that far.”

What is at risk while making an absolutely total commitment? Ourselves! Our mediocrity. The puny ego self that we have been calling ‘me’. The habitual, average and reasonable way of being that has become our comfort zone. We have become so comfortable in this small, powerless, non-committal way of being that the thought of letting it go invokes anxiety. It feels like we are putting ourselves at risk. We have let ourselves become this averageness. We have allowed ourselves to stay non-comital for so long that it has become our average way of being. We have become so deeply attached to it that it seems discomforting to commit to anything.

You don’t bring all of your commitment to your relationships, your work, to anything. Holding your aces close to your chest. Waiting for the right moment or someone right or some great task that will deserve all of your commitment. This doesn’t deserve all that you can commit. Not these people, not this moment, not this task. Something is not just right yet.

This doesn’t deserve it?
You play like it’s a practice game yet. Holding back, waiting for the real thing. All this doesn’t seem perfectly lined up just yet. It seems better to put off making a total commitment to some time in the future. Perhaps there would be some future day when something would really deserve my total commitment. Not today. Not this relationship. Not this work. Not yet. This is just an ordinary moment. It doesn’t really deserve all of your commitment. ‘I will commit when it really matters. What if all of my aces are used up when the one — the right moment shows up?’

So, you put it off yet again, deciding to wait for the right moment, the right partner, the right people at work, the right task, and the right circumstances. Living like this is just a practice version of life.

Practice life

Practice job. Practice marriage. Practice friends. Practice life. Saving yourself for the real one. The special one.

What are you holding back?

Can you see what is it that you are keeping from those you love? From your work? What is it that you are keeping, holding back from life? It is yourself! You don’t bring all of yourself to anything.

Can you see what this wait is costing you?

A life of no commitments is an unfulfilled life

What kind of life is it in which one does not commit to anything fully? Never putting our heart and soul into anything. How mediocre does this life of partial commitments feel? Does your heart feel complete in staying noncommittal? Does living this level of engagement make you feel alive? When it ends, perhaps it might make sense to have them write on our gravestones —
‘They saved themselves for the best to come. It hasn’t come yet.’

Confront your avoidance of commitment

Be authentic to yourself about your avoidance of commitment. Bring yourself to confront how unfulfilling it feels to stay non-committal and disengaged. You have evaded confronting that it does not complete you. Enough of this side-stepping. If you can confront how unfulfilling it feels, you may be able to develop enough resolve to free yourself of this mediocre way of being.

There is nothing more special coming

The best is in front of you right now. There is no other special relationship coming. Your life’s mission might be in front of you. You just missed another opportunity to commit. Play now, with all your chips. That tomorrow that you have been waiting for will never come. There is nothing better coming. The moment is here — waiting for you to commit.

This is it!

If you commit now, you might discover that simple things moments are actually extraordinary. See what is here in front of you. You may get hurt But that’s life. It is risky. Yet, this is all there is. There is really nothing more to life. It really doesn’t get any better. This is it! Life. Here, now. In all its glory and magnificence. Commit! Give yourself to it.

It is liberating and natural to commit fully

If you can bring yourself to be committed fully, you let loose extraordinary passion and energy. As soon as you let go of holding back and you are free. Your integrity and congruence of purpose would energise you. You would light up, glowing with conviction, clarity, passion and energy.

Commitment is easier than it seems

Let go. Put this inauthentic, incomplete way of remaining small at risk. It will seem risky because you are stepping out from the shadows of ordinary, average living.

It does not need you to do something very different or extraordinary

You only have to bring yourself to be a different kind of person, here and now. You just have to choose to be the kind of person who brings 100% commitment to everything you engage with — one thing at a time. You choose to show up to live more fully. With a greater commitment to whatever is in front of you. As a ‘100% person’.

Commit to just this one thing at a time, one moment at a time

Try it. It feels great! If we can raise from deep within, an extraordinary resolve to give nothing less than our absolute best to this one moment, we tap into a more powerful source of confidence. What others perceive as confidence, is actually your energy, commitment to the cause and passion with which you engage with it.

Let go of your noncommital way of being

You mindlessly carry the burden of being who you were from your past till now, into your future.

‘How can I be any different from how I was till now?’

We are not our past. Every morning we wake up fresh and empty. Then, we dig out our past ways of being from our memory and start repeating them in the future.

You are not your past

You have let yourself remain chained to the past versions of yourself. Break those chains! Free yourself from who you were. Embrace that you are not defined by who you were in the past. Snap out of your old way of being. It can not impede your progress if you don’t bring it from the past and dump it upon your future.

Sculpt a new way of being

Stand in the present moment, ready to recreate yourself anew. Notice here and now, there is no past — there is nothing here! Just an open possibility of being anyone you choose. Start afresh. The future is not written yet. Use your powerful intention to sculpt a new way of being. Choose to be the kind of person who brings 100% commitment to everything you engage with. Affirm who you are going to be in the future. Say it out loud-
“I commit 100%. To these relationships that matter. To this work that is on my table. I commit to what is here, now — in front of me.”

Begin the thrilling game of 100% Commitment

If the idea of bringing 100% commitment to life resonates with you, you can choose to play this game continuously. Ongoingly, catch yourself not committing again and again. Take it one step at a time, and bring unwavering dedication to each aspect of your life, one thing at a time, one moment at a time. Pour your heart and soul into each endeavour and you’ll witness a powerful transformation.

Being someone who commits fully is liberating

It fills your heart with energy and passion and others will perceive your powerful presence as confidence. It becomes your new, powerful way of being.

Being Present

In this vibrant symphony of life, your interactions with others hold immense transformative power. The simplest way to start this practice is to pause for a moment and reflect —Am I truly and fully present when engaging with my loved ones, colleagues, or friends?

Confront that when you are with your children, your spouse or friends, you don’t really pay full attention to them. You don’t pay attention to their concerns and ambitions. You are physically there but often mentally distant. You hear them but don’t really listen in a way in which their humanness can touch, move or inspire your heart. Confront that this way of being is inauthentic.

Make a personal commitment to listen to them and notice their smiles, laughs and pauses. You will need to pause to give attention to the depth of their feelings and connect with them deeply and powerfully, in a way in which it really moves you, and brings you to want to make a difference to them. You will have to start by catching yourself when you are not listening deeply and not being fully present. That would create authenticity. Then you can give them the gift of your authentic, unwavering attention and commitment.

Relationships become richer, your understanding deepens and wisdom expands

When you begin to pay attention and let yourself be genuinely concerned about others, you become free of your self-obsession, it is liberating. With authenticity, your self-confidence blossoms.

Commit to something bigger

Embracing a deep commitment to something bigger than your personal ambitions brings a sense of purpose to your life and work. You will have the joy of making a difference in the lives of others. You will become a beacon of inspiration and a role model for those around you.

Commitment is the foundation of genuine confidence

The rewards of embracing 100% commitment are immense. It opens, beyond the confines of ordinary existence, a realm of true confidence in which comparisons lose relevance, the past loses its grip and authenticity thrives.

It would fulfil your heart

Being extraordinarily committed is a way of being that captivates and inspires. Set off on this remarkable journey, and watch as your life transforms into a vibrant tapestry of unshakable confidence and limitless possibilities.

This is what your heart craves.

‘No intention is ever totally materialized without commitment. Commitment, by virtue of its presence alone, is that quality which will determine whether you will keep your word and make happen what you said is going to happen, or not. Commitment is what allows you to make happen what you said is going to happen because commitment is the ultimate context of keeping your word. Commitment fosters completion, nurtures it, it is what makes completion real and sanctifies it. When you are willing to be committed, when you are willing to create commitment, you begin to notice that without commitment, nothing really works. When you are willing to have all of it work out, it is likely to.' — Werner Erhard

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Amit Sood11mo

Indeed @Afsheen it feels like letting go to say yes - like giving up the resistance.

Yes, there is something liberating about only saying yes to things you really want. Then you can fully commit.