Theories of the Order of the Universe
Jan 24, 2023

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There is No Time

Everything everywhere is in constant motion at all times. Distance and time are both energy. From a cosmic perspective, all of human time (e.g., 13+ billion years) is the amount of energy it takes from a thought to go from your mind to you opening your eyes. For us, your decision to open your eyes and the act of opening your eyes occurred in “no time” — meaning no time passed from your decision to open your eyes and the actual opening of your eyes. For you, however, it took 13+ billion years worth of of energy.

Energy and Matter are Two Sides of the Same Coin

For us, matter is energy and energy is matter. They are, as you say. “two sides of the same coin.”

Because we are light, we have all the knowledge and all the intelligence of how to transmute energy to matter and matter to energy. Our light, not yours, is the dividing line. Your light is within the formula E=MC2. Our light exists outside of that equation. That equation exists because of our light. Our light precedes yours.

We are the knowledge and intelligence of existence. If you can get past the “speed of light” parable, then you will learn to get past your light and into the light of all of existence.

The Order of the Universe

The “order” of the universe is this:

Light, sound, and matter are all energy.

However, each element contains more than just their physical qualities. Each element is also intelligent; meaning that each element is conscious.

They are each aware of their inherent qualities. They are also instinctively attracted to the other elements in the universe that will enhance their existence. Conscious beings instinctively seek to expand their level of consciousness.

Within your existence, light and sound exist as one. Light and sound emerge from the separation between energy and matter. Once divided, light and sound emerge.


Light is attracted to matter that will allow it to be seen.


Sound is attracted to matter that will help it to be heard.


Matter is attracted to light and sound. Matter instinctively moves towards the light because it knows that light will help it to see. Matter instinctively moves toward sound because it knows that sound will help it to hear.

In terms of evolution, matter is attracted to light and sound because it knows that light and sound will help it to experience more life.

Through these simultaneously existing attractions, each seeking out and finding one another, these elements mix together and steer each other towards life.

All other senses are species specific.

To understand how fast you are moving, and to be able to move past the speed of light, you would have to take your mind out of the equation.

You need a way to know which direction you are moving without relying on any of your senses.

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