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Mar 29, 2018

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As a healer, you are in a unique position—between the patient being healed and the realm of pure consciousness that provides the pure knowledge and power that makes healing take place. As you have probably begun to experience, a healer ideally becomes transparent while healing—becomes a clear channel to the energy, color and light which flow though during healing practice as well as to whatever psychic information and guidance become available. The healer becomes a tool, a vehicle through which these manifestations of the essence are brought to the healing work, for the benefit of the patient.

To properly and effectively fulfill this role as a channel for pure consciousness, the healer needs to learn to set aside the individual ego tendencies which exist in his or her personality, and instead come into a state of egolessness. This is important because the ego, should it remain as a focus of awareness during healing, will interfere with the healing work taking place. While channeling energy, color and light to the patient, the healer’s ego will prevent a pure and clear channel from being created—it will actually put a “spin” on the energy, color and light flowing through the healer and render these healing energies impure. The patient will therefore not receive a pure healing from these energies, but instead receive energies which have been in some degree polluted by the ego-sense of the healer. The psychic information and guidance upon which the healer so vitally depends while healing will also become polluted; the healer’s own ego structure, should it remain influential, will “put a spin” on, color and bias whatever information is being received, and therefore render incorrect and possibly harmful whatever pure and clear information and guidance might otherwise be available.

To heal well, the healer must become an unbiased tool—a vehicle for pure consciousness, including the true self of both healer and patient—and must therefore shed the worldly identity while healing and be a clear, transparent and pure channel. Although this requires “setting aside” the ego while working, and while it is true that the healer may feel that he or she loses personal identity while healing, it is actually the case that the true identity, essence or true self of the healer remains present throughout. It is of great benefit to begin to learn to discriminate between the ego (or worldly identity) and the true self (or true, conscious identity); this is the beginning of self-knowledge. The quality of the healing a healer will give will be in proportion to his or her ability to release the worldly self, or ego, and attain a state of egolessness. Self-knowledge is the means to this end.

Fortunately, the very act of healing tends to gravitate the awareness somewhat towards this egoless state. This is not an entirely conscious act. When the healer opens his or herself to the energies during healing practice, he or she begins naturally to move away from the worldly self and towards the essence. Practice to refine the transparency that begins to develop, through seeking to conduct the visualization and transfer of energy, color and light in a pure and accurate way, and through seeking to refine the ability to receive psychic information and guidance with sensitivity and without the interference of the “thinking mind,” are further steps towards this state. This process, however, is not enough. It is vital for the healer not only to practice healing itself, but also to seek self-knowledge. This is achieved through meditation and personal growth work—an experience and growing contact with the true self and a learning and resolution of the reticulated tendencies within the ego structure of the healer which tends to obstruct it. To heal well, the healer must grow and must work towards the eventual achievement of a knowledge and purity of self.

The process of growth that the healer must follow is obtained by following the path of spiritual growth through which this knowledge becomes available. This path encompasses many things: the life experience of the healer, the growth opportunities that the healing work itself presents, and the opportunities for growth and awareness that the healer consciously seeks as additional means to personal growth. The healer must acknowledge and utilize all these opportunities, in order to assist in the process of resolving the tendencies of the ego and expanding his or her awareness and knowledge of self. The degree that the healer progresses towards becoming a master healer is measured not only by the healing techniques that have been perfected, but especially by the degree to which this goal of purity and knowledge of self has been reached. In the pure healer there is perfect transparency—the healer is guided by the essence in the purest sense—guided by the flow of the energies and by the knowledge and greater awareness that emerges. The master healer is guided by the dream-flow of the light.

There are many ways to work towards this self-knowledge, and although the healer must pursue many growth opportunities and growth therapies outside what is contained in the Chios healing levels, there are techniques from the repertoire of the energy field healer that are useful. This section details a few such tools: 1) Intuitive Self-Readings for the purpose of learning personal growth issues; 2) Chakra Self-Healing, to charge and balance the healer’s own chakra system, and learn more about personal issues related to the chakras, and 3) Body Energy Exercises, to ground the sense of energy (and spirit) in the body.

by Chios Healing

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