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The brain spa or how to overcome chronic fatigue

Oct 4, 2021
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Stress and anxiety are common problems we face every day. In most cases, people are stressed at work and worry about rising costs or bad news. By accepting negativity, we become tired, sleepy, and drowsy. Take care of yourself, take a break!
This article will provide you with the information on how to relieve mental fatigue using modern techniques that have been used for thousands of years by the greatest minds of our time!

It is becoming more and more common to discuss the benefits of sound baths: sounds have the power to relax, calm, or enliven. A loud, sharp sound makes the body release cortisol, a stress hormone, into the bloodstream, while the calm sound of the surf (its frequency is similar to the frequency of human respiration) can have the opposite effect - to relax, relieve tension.

You can test the effectiveness of sound therapy by downloading an app, for example. In such apps, artificial intelligence is responsible for music for sleep, concentration and relaxation - it offers you a soundtrack depending on the location in which you are, the time of day and the task at hand.

You can also try gong meditation or meditation with Tibetan singing bowls - these practices are also aimed at the auditory perception and, according to research, save you from fatigue, high levels of stress and depressive symptoms. Take a closer look: in the description of the compositions, you will probably see a mark of 528 Hz - it is believed that this is the so-called frequency of love: it helps to feel warm and safe.

They strive for the golden mean in any niche. A spiritual practice combines both ancient and modern technologies in the pursuit of wellness. Here are three examples that fit perfectly into the life of a "man of the metropolis" who is inspired by Elon Musk no less than the Dalai Lama.

FocusCalm is a gadget that is worn on the head like a headband. It measures the activity of the brain, illustrates it in the app of the same name and, with the help of meditation, helps to harmonize your state.
The Core Meditation Trainer is a kind of vibrating speaker with audio practitioners for peace of mind. You need to pick up the column: so that the gadget affects you not only through sound meditations, but also tactile sensations.
The Infrared Mat is a dedicated yoga mat. It combines infrared radiation, electromagnetic waves, and also crystals are placed inside the rug - amethyst and tourmaline.

Or sleep yoga. Suitable for those who are ready to move from daily ten-minute practices to a deeper immersion - during yoga nidra you are in a borderline state between wakefulness and sleep. This practice arose in the last century, its benefits began to be actively discussed in the 70s in the United States. During yoga nidra, the whole body is progressively relaxed. As with regular meditation, this practice affects the sensory region of the brain and the prefrontal cortex. Practice lasts 90 minutes. In the savasana position (lying on your back) you will listen to the text of the practitioner - he will "guide" you through all parts of the body in a certain sequence. In an hour and a half, even the most restless will eventually be able to switch their attention from external stimuli and stress factors, to feel calm and relaxed.

Now we suggest that you familiarize yourself with simple tips for every day that will not take you more than 5 minutes, but soon you will notice their positive effect on your body.

  • Just add water. Refresh yourself, wash your face - this is the advice given by psychologists, recommending water therapy against fatigue and to increase energy.

  • Charge yourself with your own reflection or compliment. A quick glance in the mirror provides a boost of vivacity, like a compliment from a person of the opposite sex.

  • Throw out emotions, so as not to let your own self-control be completely wasted. Allow yourself to discuss fears, anger, stress, and frustration.

  • Turn on your favorite music, which, according to psychologists, distracts from the feeling of fatigue.

  • Master belly breathing. In a state of stress, shallow chest breathing prevails, which reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain, causing physical and mental exhaustion. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing with a rounded abdomen is a visual reminder to breathe and relax.

  • Clean up. Stop shifting a pile of papers and looking for things in a crowded closet - clutter leaves a feeling of loss of control over life. Cleaning is the achievement of a small but significant goal that tones up.

  • Do something good. Acts of altruism channel happiness directly into the brain, increasing life satisfaction, self-esteem, a sense of self-control, physical health, and mood.

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