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Taunting the Divine?

Sep 14, 2020
Aiden Lottering
Core Spirit member since Sep 14, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

In a recent conversation about religion and from a Christian prophecy point of view, someone mentioned that they could clearly see that people are taunting God and that they do not know what they are doing for they will be punished…


This person thinks that an almighty, endless, divine and unconditionally loving being is out there to punish us and that we are able to taunt this energy?

That will definitely make sense if we view God in an anthropomorphic kind of way. That is to say, if we give God human characteristics. And the source of their argument – The Bible says so.

Okay, so I am being told that this infinite being, of endless wisdom, only had one son and only one book in which “he”(using this in inverted commas because of a lack of expression for this entity) outlined the laws for us to live by? I know of mere mortal men who has more power than that!

If all the ants on this planet were to suddenly decide that they want to march on the ocean and go and taunt it, what would happen?

They would arrive on the beaches, surrounding this vast ocean and then be swept away with each passing wave. The ocean will not even know what they were planning. An ant cannot possibly understand the ocean, for it is an alien environment for an ant. I equate this to taunting God. It is impossible for us with our limited understanding of this amazing being to ever do something that will offend our source. Can the birds offend the skies that it flies through?


The only way in which we can possibly start to get the sense that we are taunting God, is to move away from the laws of this Universe. They were created by the longing of life itself and we are as much a part of them as they are of us. If you do not believe in these laws, then stop breathing and see how far you get. We showed up on this earthly realm as humans and as humans we are capable of resonating with our source, if we would just move the ego out of the way for a while.

The next time we think that God wants to judge us and wants to punish us, let us stop and talk to this ego of ours and find out why we have chosen to view God in this light and not in the sublime magnificence that “He” shows up in, in every moment.


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