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Stress and Life

Apr 27, 2023

Life & Stress
How To bypass the Stress from your life
There are two options either you could bear the stress and pressure or you can bypass the stress from your life. As you know that every action has a reaction. If you could handle the stressful situation and get success then you become more powerful and be ready to handle your other situation too. But if you could not then it affects your mental and physical health. So whatever the situation It is very necessary to know how you can bypass the stress from your life and if you have no option then how to manage it.
Life is daily a new page when you wake up. Sometimes pleasure, sometimes learning. If you learn from stressful situations then it is the best thing ever.
As the survival instinct uses the force of stress and this process led to the development of not only body but mind also.

All human beings are conditioned to feel safe in the limited physical and psychological parameters. Whenever these limits and parameters are transgressed, whether by the body or by the mind, the paradigm is violated and the stress factor becomes active in a protective manner.
Anything that is beyond our comprehension affects us adversely. Enigmas seem to attack. You are not comfortable with the mysterious and the unknown. Such things make us feel insecure. The instinct to survive makes it necessary for man to find solutions to such types of stressful situations.
For example, you can survive only within a very limited temperature zone. If it is getting warm you start sweating. If it gets colder you fold your hands, squeeze yourself or wear woolen clothes. Use fire to keep yourself warm. Your body takes action to survive and you find out the solution.
Just like your body is preconditioned with a certain action, so is your mind. The functioning of the mind plays a very important role or you can say a key role in stress management. Your mind should know what is going on.
You should perceive all the stimuli that are responsible for that situation. These stimuli should be categorized into positive or negative categories. If there are any negative stimuli then it should be categorized as a treat and your mind work on it. If your mind is not able to correct this situation then stress is generated. For example, if your son yells at you, you are annoyed.
The question arises, Why do you feel angry, annoyed, disturbed, or curious? Because certain things have happened for which you are not prepared. You do not know where this road is going to lead you. You are in a state of conflict and confusion. And stress is generated to find solutions for such situations.
Sometimes people carry forward or hold on to their pains, struggles, and incidents that happened in the past. Anything that is unknown and unexplained can be categorized as potentially dangerous. Till you do not resolve that there is no cause of danger, the stress factor remains active in you. You need answers.
If you have the answer above mentioned situation such as your son yells at you and you are annoyed.
Maybe your son could not be succeeded in the competitive exam. He may be irritated. That is the reason he behaved like that. You come to know of this later and encourage him to keep trying. The relationship is unaffected and amicable.

  • In all the situations, it was ignorance about the full facts of the case that was the cause of the whole problem. We all have our own fears and challenges. But there are some **common causes of stress **These factors are given below
  • The Health of family members and self.
  • Suppressed anger
  • Boredom
  • Frustration or depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Loss of status
  • Prestige issues
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • It is very important to know what are the symptoms of our stress. There are some visible early signs of negative stress that can be known and should be cured.
  • -10. Constant fatigue
  • -9. Lack of energy
  • -8. Insomnia or lack of sleep
  • -7. Stiff neck and backache.
  • -6. Lack of concentration
  • -5. Forgetfulness
  • -4. Irritability
  • -3. Indigestion or Loss of appetite
  • -2. Frequent headaches
  • -1. Weight loss or weight gain.
    These symptoms should not be neglected if they affect you frequently. And for a long duration of time. It is recommended that you have a medical check-up.
    Then how you can bypass the harmful effect of stress or how you can manage it?
    That is an important question.
  • It is truly said that you are what you eat. Your diet should be balanced and nutritious. Include all seasonal fruits, sprouts, Milk products, ginger and garlic, soya, Good fats, and oils. Take plenty of water. It flushes out your entire system and is extremely good for your health.
  • These days obesity is becoming a serious problem. Many people are adopting severe dieting to reduce their weight. But it is not good for your health. If you are overweight change the nature of your diet instead of skipping meals.
  • Exercise daily. It should be balanced and regular. Exercise patterns should be according to the age and physical condition of a person. Don’t try to be super cool in one day.
  • If you can play games then it is the best exercise for you because games not only provide you physical fitness but also mental relaxation. This breaks the cycle of stress at the physical and mental levels.
  • Yoga and meditation practices are always good for mental and physical relaxation. It keeps your body and mind fresh, fit, and healthy.
  • Exercise, yoga, and Meditation break from the vicious cycle of stress during the time of tension.
  • When you are under tension due to any problem, the worst thing that you do is to continuously worry about the problem. You keep thinking only about the problem and not about the solutions. Shift your focus from problems to solutions.
  • When we are under stress, it is the emotional aspect that gets most disturbed. It not only disturbs the normal functioning of the mind but also adversely affects you physically. Hence it is very necessary that you retain your emotional balance. You have to make yourself emotionally strong. You have to get rid of fear and a sense of insecurity. For this, you have to increase your self-esteem. You feel nice and strong if your image of yourself looks good. The good image in our own eyes gives us a sense of self-respect.
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Engage yourself in social service or helping others.
  • Pursue a hobby that you could not follow in the past. Such as painting, writing, learning music, etc.
  • Do not personalize the issues and take social support if possible.
  • Maintain a healthy and happy atmosphere at home.
  • Action is necessary to sustain life. We all take action. But it is very necessary to pause and think about what exactly is going on. About why we act the way we do? And what the end purpose of all these activities is?
  • We need to look at the whole picture. We need to know the cause, the instruments, the purpose, and the outcome of action and our own role in the process. This is called the holistic view of life. That gives us stability, and the basis to study the stimulus so that we do not react on the spur of the moment but in a more holistic way keeping the total picture in mind.
  • It can be concluded that no living person can live totally without stress. But it is very necessary to know when negative stress has gone too far and begun hurting instead of protecting us. When its symptoms are known, we must take action to control and manage it. The tactics are mentioned above. I hope this article would be useful for you.
    Keep smiling and
    *Stay fit and healthy.
    *Reena Gupta
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