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Why Are You Still Not Conscious About Your Life?

Nov 13, 2021
Mohammad Hashibul Hassan
Core Spirit member since Oct 27, 2021
Reading time 3 min.

Am I wrong if I say our every day is risky? I'm 100% sure I'm not wrong. You also can not deny with me.

Every day is risky. In the metaphorical sense, the world we live in circled by risk. In each round of our life, we can notice risk. We cannot spend a day without risk, and our daily routine consists of several combinations of different risks. Assuredly, everyone must accept that no matter how much we seek to be risk-free, the risks keep coming to us. Every day new risks emerge in our life.

The appearance of multiple risks can happen anytime - financial risk, physical risk, social risks, and other risks can arise anytime in our life. The main question now is that how much prepared we are to handle all these risks. Are you prepared to overcome these risks if those appear suddenly? Nevertheless, people are reluctant to worry about future risks. Deny taking the necessary precautions to deal with the risk is our preference. A large number of people prefer to show no concern for risks, and they keep roaming carefree.

The funny point is that even though we all have the experience of meeting various risks in our lives, we're still not learning from the past. You can say that you've faced countless risks before, so you're strongly known how to face risks. I'll say that any new risk can appear in your life that you've never met before.

You can say that you've faced a particular risk, and now that risk will not appear in your life. I'll say, if you've faced any risk in your life, it doesn't indicate that you won't face that risk again. Risks can repeat and can be unknown. Preparation for handling risk is a wise action for everyone. It is never wise to ignore future risks. Your happiness will never last forever. The appearance of joy and sorrow is a part of our life.

In 2020, when the COVID-19 first attacked the earth, we all were in massive danger and were completely unknown of how to survive at that time. Around the world, people became daunted by the surge of COVID-19. The COVID-19 forced us to witness how quickly millions of people among us demised from us also witnessed millions of people losing their jobs, businesses other sources that used to bring livelihood, besides billions of people were at risk of losing their lives and livelihoods.

That precarious circumstance trembled our minds, made us think seriously about our lives, and signaled us to design alternatives that can enable us to conquer the risks that can ravage our life and happiness. However, we defeated the attack of the COVID-19, we are more prepared to face any upcoming surge of the COVID-19, but one thing that this COVID-19 has taught us which is we should be more prepared to tackle any future risks. Therefore we've to exercise how to be more equipped for any hazard, even when there is zero chance of risk.

Life can be difficult suddenly, and the comfort of your life may not exist that much longer, so you have to come out of your box and think about those negative things that can happen to you. If you don't have the tools to reduce the risks that can cause harm in your life, then start building those tools that can allow you some relief when risks surround you. If you focus more, you can notice which elements can help you if bad days appear in your life.

People can overcome problems when they fall into obstacles, but those who are alert about the future can overcome their obstacles and risks more smoothly. You can be on the safe side if you want.

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