Sex and Aging/ Erectile Dysfunction
Sep 9, 2021

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“Karl”, a successful, healthy, 72-year old businessman seemed to have it all. He was wealthy, with homes in New York and Germany. He was well-educated and world-traveled, and had had relationships with many beautiful, intelligent women.
But Karl had an unhappy secret: he’d been suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) and low sexual desire for nearly four years. He’d seen doctors in New York and in Europe who’d prescribed the usual pills and medications, which had done nothing to improve his condition and in fact, only made him feel sick. He’d been to various alternative practitioners but none of them were able to help him either. He'd had always enjoyed a robust sex life and his current problem made him feel like less of a man, less himself. He was depressed, imagining life without sex.
After an initial phone consultation, he agreed to visit me in my office the following week. I did a thorough intake, asking him detailed questions about his health, medications, relationships, sexual history, etc. I then took him into a deep, relaxing hypnotic trance. Using the info he’d provided, I led him through and helped him remove the blockages that were interfering with his performance. I called on his unconscious mind to establish greater control over his physical responses.
Once out of trance, we spend some time discussing the experience from his perspective. He was a bit disappointed because he didn’t feel any different. I assured him that sometimes it takes a few hours or even a few days, for the mind to process and install the changes. I asked him to let me know how he felt the next day.
The next morning there was an enthusiastic email waiting for me. By the time he got home from our session, he said, he’d become incredibly aroused. It was the biggest, hardest erection he’d had in years! He masturbated to a wonderfully satisfying orgasm.
He was amazed and incredulous. How could I have resolved his issue in just one session that all the doctors and practitioners hadn’t been able to do in four years? And his problem seems to be permanently gone!
At least 40% of women and 30% of men have a sexual dysfunction or issue. That number increases for people in their 50s, 60s, and older. It’s estimated that at least two thirds of these cases have a psychological or emotional cause. Traditional treatments take a one size fits all approach, often with prescription drugs that have many harmful side effects. Or perhaps they take the path of talk therapy, which may help the client understand the roots of the problem without solving it. Most doctors and therapists have little training in sexuality and don’t have the time or interest to help patients explore options beyond established protocols. I’m able to work holistically, addressing the problem physically, mentally, and emotionally and always with compassion.

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