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Self Care

Nov 3, 2023
Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2023
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Whether in a loving relationship or living beautifully solo, remember to always take time for yourself.

It's not a selfish act to want to care for your own well-being.

It helps with mental clarity.
Relieves stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

...and it doesn't have to cost a thing!

Writing is self care, listening to music in your comfortable space is self care, cooking or baking for yourself (or others) is self care, cleaning is self care if it's something you find yourself doing whenever you get stressed out.

A walk, a swim, meditation, prayer, a soothing soak in a bathtub, exercise, etc. All free things that can contribute to self care.

I personally, light candles meditate with Binaural Beats and do some reading if things become a bit overwhelming in the mind. Other times I'll go to local shops and just browse. I also, give myself a little at home spa day to relax every so often.

Whatever helps you, keep doing it or explore other things that may pique your interests.

The point is, to not let life become a hassle.

Remember to take a step back, inhale/exhale, close your eyes and teach yourself to clear your thoughts. Shut everything off and find your inner peace.

It won't be easy for some. Took me a while to reach that point but now I can do it without even trying and I feel so much better for having that ability.

The world is a crazy place but don't allow it to drive you crazy in the long run.

Turn off the news (it's okay). I don't even watch because it heightens my anxiety. I know the world is full of chaos, I don't have to watch it. No, I'm not saying if I don't see it, it goes away. I just stated, that I KNOW the world is chaotic. 🤌

Anyway, try to center yourself on positive things. Unless being a negative grouch is your self care, then by all means...carry on. 😆

Love, light & blessings to you all on your self care journey. 😌✨

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