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Seeing Through Your Feelings
Oct 30, 2023

Reading time 5 min.

Google’s definition of instinct is

‘the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning’.

Instinct is a gift that has been reduced to something trivial.

This is a big mistake.

Women are naturally instinctive beings. We have an inner knowing that enables us to access information without the need for outside sources.

A woman’s intuition isn’t something to be played with or cast aside yet the patriarchal society we live in has made it an agenda to gaslight women into thinking what they feel is them being ‘crazy’. A woman is like a wolf, she can see/feel/taste/hear things beyond matter but our gifts are usually dismissed and we are forced to do the opposite of what we are feeling because society conditions us not to trust ourselves.

Book Recommendation for Women seeking to understand more about their intuition: Women Who Run With The Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

It is worth a read and is not just for women but the instinctive man who is in tune with his feminine side and seeks to understand more, and the beginner masculine trying to get to know the feminine within. It’s for all types of people.

I am yet to see a hypermasculine man strip himself of his defenses and seek to know the feminine within. I am more attracted to men who are in tune with both aspects of themselves, the strong masculine that leads easily and protects, and the soft feminine that listens, emotes and acts on intuition. Being a man with a balanced sense of self is an extremely attractive quality because it shows a man not afraid to understand his depths.

Some of us have been conditioned not to trust ourselves and it is the biggest betrayal we can possibly commit. If one doesn’t trust themselves, they will be powerless as they do not feel secure within and will therefore resort to looking without for safety and security, which shouldn’t be so.

Once again, all we are searching for is within.

Seeing through feelings is a favourite concept because it enables you to see through the bull. There have been times when I received information from observing certain people and situations but I doubted myself because there was no logical proof. This doubt cost me greatly each time.

Never doubt what you are feeling, especially when it is a feeling that is coming from the heart/gut and not the ego. We will learn how to tell the difference soon.

Intuition is a light voice that isn’t accompanied by heaviness or fear but by love. Messages from the ego are always accompanied by fear/doubt and lack love. Remember that.

How does one see through their feelings?

By using their heart as a compass.

How does one use their heart as a compass?

By tuning into it and listening.

When you are in an environment of people or interacting with a person, pay attention to the energy surrounding them. It lies beneath their words, their facial expressions, their body language, etc. It is so easy to pay attention to the information you receive at face value and disregard the off feeling you’re feeling while with someone. Don’t fall for that trap.

Everything is energy, which means it is easy to tap into it when you want to. Someone might be telling me words I would love to hear but my heart/gut may tell me otherwise. I choose to listen to the latter as it is never wrong.

Intuition is God’s way of speaking to you.

Trusting yourself is trusting God or a Higher Power around you. We have been equipped with resources to enable you to navigate through this game called Life and as people, we have been slacking greatly in using them.

The physical body is a receiver, it receives messages from the mind and emotional body. It cannot function on its own without a source to receive information from. This is why we should always pay attention to how we feel at all times. Our bodies are a good way of detecting what it is you need to know about your environment. Remember that.

Seeing through your feelings is paying attention to how you feel about everything.

This person seems nice and friendly but why do I feel it is all a performance?

That is because, it probably is.

Being in this room makes me feel weird. Should I leave?


It is as simple as that but what makes it difficult is that immediately after intuition speaks softly, the loud harsh voice of fear/logic comes through.

Disregard it. Thinking of your intuition as a higher power guiding you should be a better way to overcome those voices and trust your intuition more. By listening and doing as it says, you strengthen it and it becomes louder.

Another way you can learn more about your intuition is by seeing how it feels in your body. The heaviness of fear has been deeply ingrained in our bodies that some of us have been programmed to subconsciously associate heaviness with what is right. This is why we disregarded our intuition whenever it spoke. We disregarded it because it didn’t feel heavy as heaviness meant certainty.

Intuition in this body feels like a hand on my shoulder and sounds like a soft voice alerting me lovingly. It is warm and kind and soothes all anxieties.

Some of us have been so conditioned to attaching ourselves to what feels uncomfortable that we tend to be skeptical of comfort. I wonder if this is due to being conditioned with the idea that good things come with strings attached, in this case, I do not place blame on anyone.

Seeing through your feelings especially in a world where a great amount of the population is focused on packaging the exterior to mask the less than flashy interior, it is extremely useful. Let us not let anyone sell us dreams.


Pay attention to everything.

Become more aware of all your senses because you have them for a reason.

Watch documentaries on wolves to learn about their instincts.

Read more on developing your instincts.

Watch Youtube videos on intuition.

There is a lot at your disposal.

I assure you that when you go deep within, you will find out that you were all you ever needed in this play called Life.

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