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January 21

The Law Of Attraction proven by Science

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Supporters of the Law of Attraction appeal to a wide range of disciplines in order to explain and back up the intuitive principles they trust.

For instance, research in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy and evolutionary biology could all be used to add extra dimensions to our understanding of how the Law of Attraction operates.

Here are some of the coolest things you should know about the science of the Law of Attraction—you might be inspired to research these topics further in order to find out more!

1. The Law Of Attraction Has Platonic Roots

As far back as 391 BC, the famous Greek philosopher Plato said that “likes tend towards likes.” As you’ll remember, this is very similar to the slogan “like attracts like” that is often used to encapsulate the key message of the Law of Attraction.

2. The Power Of Positive Thinking Has Support In Medical Journals

One prominent example of scientific support for the Law of Attraction was published in the Yonsei Medical Journal in 2007.

Korean scientists Ji Young Jung et al found that there was a strong link between positive thinking and overall life satisfaction in the population, which echoes the sentiments of scholars who suggest positive thinking exercises as a way to increase manifestation potential.

As the authors of the medical journal article mentioned, “these findings offer promise of positive thinking as an approach for psychological interventions designed to promote life satisfaction.”

3. Neurologists Know Visualization Creates A Better Future

Scientists working at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at the Institute of Neurology in London have demonstrated that people who visualize a better future are more likely to be able to bring that future into existence.

This, for sure, is just what the Law of Attraction tells us—that daily, vivid mental images of a better life help to bring that life to us. In the publication recording their findings, the neurologists wrote “The ability to construct a hypothetical scenario in one’s imagination prior to it actually occurring may afford greater accuracy in predicting its eventual outcome.”

4. Psychologists Support The Use Of Affirmations

Affirmations—another key instrument in your Law of Attraction arsenal—are also well-supported in the psychological literature.

For instance, one scientist at the University of Exeter has published on constructive repetitive thought, finding that people who consistently tell themselves that they can reach a goal are more likely to secure a positive result.

Affirmations are proven to help with recovery from trauma, enhance anticipatory planning, help treatment for depression, and increase physical health.

5. Mirror Neurons Help To Explain The Spread Of Good Vibrations

A huge part of the Law of Attraction is learning how to be an open, happy person who vibrates on a high frequency and induces a positive response in others. The way in which we spread good attitudes to other people and attract kindness, generosity and success can be partly explained with reference to mirror neurons—neurons that “mirror” the behavior we see.

In other words, when someone sees you exuding positivity, this same response is reflected in the brain of the observer—drawing them to act positively towards you as well. Meanwhile, studies on the amygdala (the brain’s emotional center) demonstrate that we induce feelings of fear and anxiety in others if we are ourselves fearful or anxious!

This is further evidence to explain the Law of Attraction theorist’s claim that negative thinking can prevent success, well-being, love and human connection.

6. Geneticists Show That Limiting Beliefs Are Inherited

You shouldn’t feel guilty for your limiting beliefs, but rather work to identify and change them—and cutting edge genetic study is showing why you shouldn’t be blamed for the negative beliefs that can stop you from manifesting effectively.

In particular, scientists in Atlanta have found that when mice associated the scent of cherry blossom with an electric shock, they become so sensitive to that scent that they actually pass their fear to their offspring through their genetic code.

This means that even mice that have never been shocked will fear the scent of cherry blossom—and brain imaging research demonstrates that this anxious is represented by the presence of different neurological receptors.

So, while you may have beliefs that are holding you back, you’re not solely responsible for them (though you do have the power to overcome them).

As the above suggests, academics from a wide range of fields have always been aware of some of the concepts that undergird the Law of Attraction, and there is growing interest in finding new neurological evidence to support our ability to manifest what we want from life.

Keep an eye on the latest findings in biology, psychology, genetics and neuroscience, and you’re sure to find out even more about why working with the Law of Attraction can be so effective.


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