Rhythmic Gymnastics For Men?
Feb 8, 2021

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Musical Gymnastics is a serious game under the authority of F.I.G. (Global Gymnastics Federation). As of now, just the ladies’ segment of cadenced tumbling is perceived by FIG - men’s musical acrobatic is yet to get FIG endorsement. The prospects and openings men’s musical acrobatic presents are unending. It is up to each and everybody of us to strive to make the fantasy a reality.

Status of men’s musical aerobatic


In Japan, stick tumbling were instructed and performed with the point of improving actual strength and soundness of the country. The specialized standards of this adaptation of the tumbling came around 1970s. Performed with music, as free-exercise and exercise with mechanical assembly, these vaulting were performed seriously at the National Athletic Meet by the two people. These exercises were named Rhythmic Gymnastics because of its similarity to the FIG cadenced tumbling system and qualities. This aerobatic have advanced to become what is known as the Japanese men’s cadenced acrobatic.

Men’s musical acrobatic, in its present structure, comprise of both Group and Individual rivalry. Gathering Competition comprised of 6 gymnasts performing Free-work out. People rival contraptions of Sticks, Rings, Rope and Clubs. As of year 2002, in Japan, there are 1000 Rhythmic gymnasts going from younger students to grown-ups. There are rivalries, for example, the Inter High School Competition, National Athletics Meet, All Japan Inter-Collegiate Competition, All Japan Junior Championship, All Japan Amateur Championship, and All Japan Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship.

In the course of the most recent 20 years, the Japanese form of men’s musical tumbling has been performed and presented at some of significant worldwide rivalries. The crowds were constantly included and dazzled. Nonetheless, there were no development. The language boundary and the absence of an expert advancement plan have made the game exist just in Japan for a very long time. Much advancement have been made over the most recent five years because of the perseverence of Japan Gymnastics Association just as different people.

Japan is presently effectively working with FIG to characterize new guidelines for bunches with contraption. Illustration of such schedules was first shown at the World Cup in Baku. In Japan, there were displays of 5 ropes and 3 rings and 2 clubs.

Collaboration and cooperation

The center nations plan to have the principal worldwide invitational external Japan at some point in 2006.

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