Retirement As Prison Sentence
Mar 20, 2023

Some certain fields are just like as they said: “Until death do us apart” kind of professions.

Retirement Is not just in some people's card. They wants to read, play, preach, write, coach, serve until they dropped or be dropped. These players, are the types that buried themselves into what they do from young age and maintained the tempo they are in for a very long time.

Their life rotates around it, their genuine happiness comes from it, they are not as good as they are in It in any other fields and they don't drive from any other source the type of happiness they do from that their known realm. To think that they are good from young age in this their arena and at times, not all that young when they started but were good in what they do into the age you will consider old in their field but still going to the chagrin of many.

Take writers and soccer players for example, the writers stamina comes from their hands and brain especially their brain and soccer guys form from physical strength. Both has different retirement ages known to many to be their prime and yet, many surpasses that known age without talk of retiring. They just don’t have that plan and never even thought of it. They don’t know how to retire. They have never done that before and are not interested to learn that requirements on their own.

Thoughts like that is not in their cards. The problem of such nature is that the players are just good in their field and their names goes ahead of them each season to open doors for them at times reluctantly.

Take the example of the writers and players you know have passed their prime time and by prime I mean the time most of their set, generation have dropped out of the show for years and there they are still performing noticeably at every big occasion. Talking of big occasions and big players, they seems to use them to rekindle their stories in the heart of their supporters and doubters.

The old timers in the realm of creative is not left out in this malady of ‘until death' do us apart group. Just like soccer players, their works don’t used to be that great at the club level at certain ages but when all eyes are on them, they deliver.

Their works are not just what it used to be, they seems to be just sweating to eke out some mediocre works constantly. It is like if their magic have just left them and they become ordinary just like everyone else out there but occasionally, you see their genius at play.
Many creative works are products of the active brain for almost all are 90 percent brain work and 10 physical. If you have been following most authors, you would have noticed that most, their best works are those done when they are still physically and brainy active.

These guys, their names and past actions speaks louder than thunder. They are not that versatile as humans and their mentality is at times not aging along with them. It is usually too difficult to lay them off and they don’t know when time Is off until they are ignored into retirement or being forced to lower expectations and except their current reality. That reality seems to differ from their perspective and ours. They are judging themselves from who they are and what they believe they are contributing and they don't just know what they would be doing with themselves when they retire.

They are used to living time tabled lives and what to do with their lives after retirement sounds like a prison sentence to them. And one other thing is that they are used to be paid weekly at times fixed. Amount is assured each work week from known sources and suddenly they are to start earning their unfixed pay from unsure sources.

Managing their day, finance and family feels overwhelmingly Herculean task to manage.
Some fall into acute stress and anxiety.
Some will start feeling inadequate as fathers, providers and a man or woman. At times, divorce and drinking follows. Their main problem being that they just don’t know how to transit from active to inactive in their life. That transition is just too much for them.

Conditioning their minds and facing reality is the route to avoid most of the problems in the marital and financial sector of their retirement life most of these players found it frightening to embrace until forced on them. Nothing last forever and the earlier these players knew that what has begun like the work they do must surely have an end, the lower their stress and anxiety, and their divorce and drinking rate will lower. They just need to condition their mindset to the inescapable.

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Afsheen Shah
Mar 21, 2023

This is an interesting perspective. Planning for retirement is essential for everyone, especially those who don't think they will ever retire.

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