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Home Cleansing – Use These Ancient Practices
Mar 18, 2021

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If you feel exhausted, empty, and negative all the time, your problem might not be caused by illness. Although depression is becoming more and more common in today’s society, it also might not be responsible for your state.

In some cultures, the energy of antagonistic vitality has been treated for centuries. In other parts of the world, it is regarded as science fiction. If you are one of the believers in negative energy, or you have simply exhausted all other options, try these methods to get rid of the negative energy in your home:


Meditation pulls huge amounts of positive vitality, and gets rid of negative one.


Negative vitality in your home can be caused by clutter and messiness. Make sure you dispose of any needless items in your surroundings, such as old magazines, etc.

Essential oils

Using essential oils is becoming more and more popular, and this is for a reason. Not only will your home smell better, but the negative vibes will be out and never to come back. Depending on your preference, use lavender, frankincense, or patchouli oil.


Plants are air purifiers, as they expel oxygen, but they also increase inspiration and positivity. And taking care of a living thing is also extremely rewarding.


Shut down any sources of negative energy in your home by sprinkling some salt in every corner of your home. This ritual is believed to ward off negativity and evil spirits, and it will also keep your home ant-free.


This ancient Native American ritual has been used in their culture for centuries. Burning sage in a ritual ceremony will cleanse your home, and keep it negative energy free for years. For maximum effect use white sage.

Move the furniture

Enhance your home’s vitality by re-organizing the room layout. Make sure that there are no objects in between two doors, as the passage through your home should be unobscured. This opens a path for the negative energy to exit your home, and for the positive energy to come into it.

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