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Pilates guru Lisa Hubbard in exclusive interview for Core Spirit
Dec 7, 2021

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Lisa Hubbard disclosed simple daily tools for life enhancement in her interview to Core Spirit.

Lisa is internationally recognized as a Pilates Figure in the Industry and began teaching in 2000. She has been featured in many Award-Winning Projects, including DVD’s, the Cover Feature of two world-renowned Pilates textbooks, and is a second-time Cover Model and Contributor for Pilates Style Magazine. Lisa is an inspiration to many Movement Practitioners who have found her wealth of knowledge and creativity to only be surpassed by her infectious energy. She is continuously recognized by her peers and by Industry Specialists as an outstanding representative of the Pilates Method.

In our talk, Lisa comments on what daily tools one can use to improve their life. Here is the list of her advice for everyone.

  1. Get good sleep on a great bed.
  2. Hydrate with 9.5 alkaline water.
  3. Eat the rainbow with organic whole foods, fruits and vegetables.
  4. Exercise a minimum of 3x per week.
  5. Get outdoors for fresh air, walk, play, workout or hobby.
  6. Read, meditate, journal.
  7. Stay connected with friends, family and community.

What else?

Be committed, never give up, believe in yourself and tell yourself that you are worth it…because you are.

What can we say? The very truth itself!

Many thanks to Lisa and we will wait for your ideas: who would you like us to interview next? Comment below!

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