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Pilates and yoga for anti-aging

Mar 29, 2018
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Exercise has been said to be one of the most effective anti-aging options available which help one feel better, look younger and enjoy their time. There are numerous exercises that one can engage in and the list is endless. The exercise may range from walking, jogging swimming, running or even hitting the gym. The bottom line comes to the fact that it is not wise to ignore exercise as this accelerates tissue regeneration and thus old age sets in much faster. One of the most commonly talked about exercises are pilates and yoga which have been shown to offer great benefits to the affected individual.

Pilates is an exercise that has been coined from the name of the founding father of the exercise known as Joseph Pilates. He came up with an exercise regime different from conventional exercise that could help both young and old stay young, prevent lifestyle diseases as well as prolong ones lifespan. Pilates was a circus performer and developed a routine that would help performers at the circus improve their stability and focus during the period of the First World War.

The success of the program he started worked well with performers, especially the more experienced ones and ended up being a great exercise regime preferred by people over the age of 40 who desired to get their youthful years back. This exercise has become more popular by the day, especially following endorsements by popular personalities. When the exercise is integrated with various anti aging foods, there is no reason as to why one’s youth will not be protected.

From the original exercises that were fronted by Joseph Pilates, the regime has grown to inculcate over 500 exercises that would help one improve their posture, stay health and have a sharp mind while at it. Pilates has specifically been taken well by women as opposed to men. The main benefit seen with pilates and yoga is that both of these regimes focus on building the body’s core strength. This can be done through balancing, stretching as well as making use of the right breathing techniques.

The main benefit of building core strength is that core strength goes hand in hand with one’s posture, especially when one reaches middle age and beyond and does not desire to use an anti-aging cream to delay the effects of aging. In strengthening the core, the body’s flexibility is improved and this helps delay the aging. When core muscles are regularly exercises, the vertebral column remains strong as well as bone erosion is delayed.

It goes without saying that physiotherapists and doctors alike recommend the use of Pilates because it strengthens the body fitness as well as improves mental alertness. In many cases, Pilates and yoga are exercises of choice, especially for women of advanced ages as the change they bring about within a few weeks is remarkable. A lot of women who were using various anti-aging creams are now free of these as the exercise regime they perform seems to be sufficient.

Yoga and Pilates are great exercises even for athletes who are coming off injuries as it helps tone the body in preparation of the tougher exercises up ahead. It has been proven that these two exercises help in improving coordination, flexibility and balance as well. One of the beauties of both yoga and pilates is that the given exercise can be tailored to one’s level of fitness. This means that everyone can join and workout in the exercise at their own pace. Very few exercise regimes allow for this gradual buildup of an exercise regime and thus a lot of people tend to give up along the way when the going gets tough. When starting Pilates or yoga, it is recommended that one starts with a beginner class and progress along the ranks of exercise as the core strength, flexibility and body muscles improves.

Last but not least, it is advisable that one should embark on eating anti-aging foods which can help promote the benefits offered by the exercises. For the best results, work with a nutritionist when starting off so that they can help you understand how to plan for meals, what portions to take and at what times of the day. You can also take note of the best anti aging foods to make use of for the best results of yoga and Pilates.

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