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Physics Behind the Akashic Records and Stress on the Mental Body

Mar 29, 2018
Leland Peters
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Can modern science help us understand what is behind an esoteric term “Akashic Records” and how it is related to what most people know as their personal memory? And, more importantly, is it possible to eliminate a negative effect which subconsciously controlling stress has on our state of energy today?

The online dictionary tells us that memory is something that our mind uses to store and remember information or, in other words, memory stores our experiences and thinking patterns of the mind. To see the whole picture and for better understanding of the memory phenomena we can turn to metaphysics and meaning behind the esoteric term “akashic records”. Akashic records (from akasha the Sanskrit word for “sky”, “space”, “luminous”, or “aether”) describe a collection of thoughts, events, and emotional experiences that can be found on the higher levels of consciousness. Contemporary science still has no evidence that akashic records actually exist, however, there are theories that seem to perfectly describe what “akasha” and its records are all about (see the term “noosphere” and work of Vladimir Vernadsky who was one of the founders of geochemistry, biogeochemistry, and radiogeology).

Physics Behind the Akashic Records and Stress on the Mental Body

The worldview that most scientists hold today is mainly concentrated on the matter-based level of consciousness and limits their ability to see the whole picture of the energy-informational world around us. Perception is our reality and as long as the majority of human minds limits their worldview about the universe to the matter, we will not be able to evolve further. It seems that people consider something to be magic or extrasensory ability until it can be explained by a scientist or someone who has authority.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

– Hamlet, Shakespeare.

According to the energy-informational model of the world that is used in the new spiritual science Infosomatics, akashic records can be explained through the mental body of a person. Infosomatic model of the world explains levels of consciousness and human bodies on the higher levels of consciousness: the human aura, astral, mental, causal and other bodies of higher consciousness. The visual model offers a way to describe the work of such phenomena as akashic records and human memory. It also gives grounds for certain techniques that can be used to help people eliminate the subconsciously controlling stress.

In order to understand what akashic records are about we need to take into account the human energy shell or the human aura. It is generally accepted that a human aura has seven chakras or energy centers. They are mainly responsible for supplying human body systems and organs with energy and information that are vital for their survival. The current state of the energy flow in the human aura can be analyzed by certain devices (e.g. Korotkov’s GDV camera) as well as by people who acquire or are born with the ability to see the color spectrum of the human energy shell.

For someone to be able to analyze the state of the energy flow in the past we have to add the concept of time to the egg-shaped model of the human energy shell or the human aura. Thus, for an outside observer, the human aura can be perceived as a set of energy-informational particles that are moving in space and time with terminal speed “C”. If an object is moving in space and time, it will lose its volume towards the direction of its manifestational axis. The human aura will look like a disk instead of a sphere. The sequence of disks would hold all the information about the person’s state of energy at a certain point of space and time. Those disks are what creates the mental body of a person and answers the question – “What is the akashic records?” (see the video and the pictures below).

Physics behind the akashic records, mental body or body of memory

Physics Behind Akashic Records

A sphere (the human aura) as an object that is moving in space with a terminal speed will take a form of a disk for an observer and will hold the information about person’s energy state at a given quantum of time and space.

The picture above gives a visual model of a mental body and what a human life on the energy-informational level is. At the time when we are born we receive a certain potential or a tool box of qualities that we use to create our life not only on the material level but also on the levels of higher consciousness. The shape of the mental body (or your personal akashic record) characterizes the experiences that you have had and shows the quality of your energy at a certain point in life. If you have experienced a certain stressful situation in the past (bumps and holes on the surface of your mental body) and it was not resolved, then with time it can turn into a subconsciously controlling stress which will have a negative effect on the energy you receive from your higher self today. Undischarged stress on your mental body can lead to problems not only in the way you think but can eventually cause sickness of your physical body.

Personal akashic record, the body of memory or mental body

Physics Behind Akashic Records

The red part of the mental body signifies a lack of energy due to the negative effect of undischarged stress.

There are certain Infosomatic techniques that can help you access akashic records and give you answers to where the true causes of your problems lie and what visualization techniques can be further used to eliminate the negative effect from subconsciously controlling stress. After the techniques are correctly carried out and the stress is discharged, the person gets back all the energy that he or she lost in the past, which gives a certain energy boost for a person today.

NLP practitioners often use a similar approach when they ask a client to remember the time when they were a kid in a stressful situation. A grown up client then should visualize him or herself talking to their self as a child and explaining that everything is going to turn out just fine. Nevertheless, in most cases when people feel lack of energy today they turn to an outside sources of energy. However, the reality often lies in the fact that to get more energy all they have to do is to clean up their own “akashic records”. Taking responsibility for your own actions in the past and cleaning after yourself is often much more effective than energy healing or balancing your own chakra energy flow.

The fact still remains – our mind including our subconscious mind is very reluctant to change. Nature often gives us an opportunity to grow, change and evolve through challenges and stressful situation. We just need to make sure that the stress from the past does not accumulate with time. Nature did intend for us to be happy, we just need to see what is in the way of our dreams and learn how to get rid of it.

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