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Oracle Card Readings w/ Sister Earth Creations Unique Handmade Deck
May 14, 2021

Oracle Card Readings w/ Sister Earth Creations Unique Handmade Deck
By Dianne Keast…

“It has always been my soul passion to help others grow a sense of self-respect, self-compassion, and self-love. I endeavor to guide people to the discovery of their Inner Truth, to become their own Confidant, and to learn to heal by being Perfectly Imperfect and Infinitely willing to experience themselves in a gentle and unconditional way.” …

In my late teens, it was this desire that prompted me to explore my intuitive gifts, deep meditation, shamanism, self-hypnosis, energy medicine, and spiritual magicks.

I wanted a way to access a guide that would reach into the collective subconscious and extract symbols that would resonate with humanity, shapes that people would feel connected to, that would be comfortable and familiar even to people whom I had never met.

I was searching for a special set of tools to help people understand who they are at a soul level and how they could learn to grow the goodness with in the human experience while acknowledging the suffering and darkness around them and within them.

As I became clearer on what I was looking for, I began to find symbols while meditating.

I made sketches of the symbols and one at a time; I adjusted each one so that it was just right. Once the sketch was complete, I did several deep meditations to immerse my mind in the symbol and allow the spiritual collective subconscious of humanity to show me both the positive and negative or dysfunctional meaning of each symbol.

Once I had a set of symbols that felt complete, I made them into cards and turned again to deep meditation to search for the most efficient and helpful way to use the oracle to help people.

After several explorations where I experienced seeing, or standing in the center of a compass I came to realize that this was the answer to my question. The most effective and efficient layout for my card readings was a compass.

Next my meditative efforts focused exploring the compass as it related to helping people understand how to heal, grow and move forward in their lives.
I was shown many things about how the compass circle is representative of a soul experiencing a human existence.

This “Compass Rose” card layout gives my readings a very clear frame of reference, allowing for more individualized and accurate interpretations of the information conveyed by the Oracle.

It was not until many years later that I consciously realized that I had not only created this oracle using the collective subconscious but that I had accessed the Akashic Records and created an energetic connection between the Akashic Records and my Oracle.

Thirty years and hundreds of readings later, I have studied Reiki, Shamanism, Core Magicks, Meridian Healing (EFT, NLP, TFT and TAT), Spiritual Life Coaching, Guided Meditation Instruction, Shadow-work and more….

But my Oracle Cards are still at the center of it all, every reading is unique to the client, helping them to connect to who they really are.

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Veronica Kee
2021-05-17 20:43 UTC

I love your cards!! So pretty!