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Need to lose weight fast? Try these hardcore diets

Oct 26, 2022
Bethany Thomas
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People reevaluate their diets when they decide to lose weight. There are two options: lose weight quickly on one of the strict but effective diets, or balance nutrition and exercise to return weight to normal in the range of minus 2 - 6 pounds (1-2 kg) each week. Which do you prefer?
Those who want to see results within a few days, try quick weight loss methods.

What are the top hardcore diets, then?


You can lose up to 10 kg each week with this mono-diet. However, buckwheat porridge should be steamed rather than boiled. As a result, it loses some of its flavor yet still aids in weight loss.

  • Rinse the cereal first, then add hot water and wait for the grains to fully expand.
  • You have 12 hours to steam the porridge because it takes a long time. Evening is the ideal time to do it.
  • To buckwheat, add a little salt, some spices, and a tablespoon of soy sauce.
  • Eat the remaining cereal throughout the day, dividing it into 5 meals.

No later than five hours before bedtime, the final meal should be had. Have a glass of water 30 minutes before meals. Additionally, unsweetened green tea is an option. However, you should not misuse this diet, as doing so increases your risk of developing gastrointestinal tract disorders.

Diet of Ducan

This is a protein-based diet that nearly entirely forbids carbohydrates. Pierre Ducan ensured that by varying the menu, you could eat at all times. However, the Ducan diet is only appropriate for people who need to lose 10 kg and are willing to wait a month or longer for results. It is not suitable for everyone.

There are various steps involved in the switch to a diet low in carbohydrates. You start by giving up all carbohydrates and switching to protein. Vegetables and protein are then alternated to maintain weight. Then you can gradually add carbohydrates to your diet, but they shouldn't make up more than 10% of all the items.


Kefir mono-diet is among the most popular methods for quick weight loss. Planning a diet and a meal schedule is not difficult, but it is difficult to endure it. Overall, you should only consume 50 oz (1.5 liters) of kefir every day, especially if it is fatty. You can therefore drop up to 5 kg per week.
But you can only follow this diet for around three to five days before your body starts to feel exhausted.

Diet ladder

Using the "Ladder" approach, you can lose 3 to 8 kg in just 5 days. It is based on five nutritional stages, which correspond to the five days of the week:

  • Fasting and regular consumption of purified water on the day of cleansing. You can eat dairy products as a restorative.
  • Energy: Using honey, raisins, and other natural items, you must provide the body with glucose.
  • Constructing: at this stage, we consume protein.
  • Fiber, which satisfies and fills you up, is necessary for burning fat.

A program for rapid weight loss

In the short term, severe food restriction is effective. So before starting a kefir or buckwheat diet, be aware that the weight you've lost will likely come right back.

However, you can restructure your diet to lose weight and keep it steady, plus or minus 2 kg. You must eat in little doses five times a day rather than three times a day in order to do this. All high-calorie items must also be avoided, including desserts, fried and baked potatoes, fatty red meat, and sausages, as well as sodas, fast food breakfasts, alcohol, muffins, and other baked goods produced with white wheat flour.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, white meat and lean fish, and cereals other than white rice should form the foundation of a diet.
Keeping a food journal that includes all meals, even the smallest ones, is beneficial.
Additionally, you should determine your daily caloric needs based on your weight and lifestyle, deduct 300–500 units from that number, and then adhere to that specific caloric level.

A healthy rate of weight loss, say doctors, is 1.5 to 2 pounds (0.5 to 1 kg) each week. While losing weight more quickly stresses the body, losing 4 pounds (2 kg) per week can be done without harming the internal organs. It leaves a trail and causes gastrointestinal issues as well as endocrinological disorders.
Additionally, if you get carried away with tight diets, you could develop an eating disorder. Both excessive overeating and the fear of consuming dangerous foods are examples of how it can manifest.

So instead of starving yourself, physicians advise eating a balanced diet to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

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