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My Guide ... 2 Thrive..!

Apr 8, 2021
Kimberley Parker
Core Spirit member since Apr 3, 2021
Reading time 7 min.

My Guide to Thrive:

2020 and Covid 19 created mayhem across the planet; What religion and music couldn’t manage to do … this deadly virus appears to have achieved….

Enforced Boundaries and a Planet united in … Lockdown.

Our basic freedom has been restrained… our career and money plans blindsided… the future appears uncertain … all our travel dreams have turned to dust, and our loved ones are either getting on our nerves or out of reach (due to distance and enforced lockdowns).

I must admit when I look around me and see most people struggling to cope with lockdowns and strife the super empath in me always wonders why I don’t react in a similar manner… I seem to always just accept that another peak needs to be scaled and set about finding ways to make the ride calmer…

Perhaps because my life has been one long roller coaster ride … the classic troubled childhood, perhaps because I moved countries and jobs several times. I’ve been married and divorced, had my share of relationships and trauma, lost a fiancé tragically … job loss and money worries and lived a very full life.

I’ve hit rock bottom and pulled myself up umpteen no. of times… Now when I say this, it’s not like I haven’t had a lot of divine guidance… not sure I’d still be sane otherwise … I can tell you that I have always, always believed in two things… the Universe and myself.

Somewhere deep in my soul I have always known that I will be taken care of …

That doesn’t mean I take anything for granted mind you… I work persistently for what I want, and I keep going.

I have learned how to go beyond “survive” and now my focus remains solely on “how do I thrive?”

Since so many people connect with me on a daily basis, expressing fear and uncertainty; I thought it might help to share a perspective….

Coping in Covid

Times… moving from Survive to Thrive…

These are things I do every day… simple practises which help me connect to my own energy, remind me of my power and help me recentre, recalibrate and adapt to all life throws at me…

a) Say Yes 2 Life: Don’t get me wrong I am not trying to paint a picture of a walking talking success story. I wouldn’t make any such claims. more of a work in progress. But what matters is I haven’t gone under … despite multiple, extremely challenging circumstances… I have reached out for help and each time the Universe has extended a hand… it has sent help in the most amazing ways. I have been unafraid to try multiple new things, been rejected innumerable times and had the most amazing lucky breaks too…Stay open and walk through every door that lets you in… at the very least you will learn something new. Don’t allow limited beliefs to block your progress.

b) Work out, get movin, get groovin: It doesn’t matter whether you run around the block or on the spot. Whether you work out with body weight or free weights… whether you dive into a pool or the ocean. You can expend as much energy in your bedroom as you do in a nightclub (just ask my poor downstairs neighbours).

c) Meditate 2 Elevate: It’s taken me a long time to understand energy and the importance of protecting mine at all costs. Meditation is a great way to connect to your centre and it doesn’t always mean sitting completely still… it means stilling your mind. And there is a no. of ways to do that…. Including walking in nature, listening to music … I love guided meditations they work awesomely well for fidgety souls as well as those just getting started on their journey to Mindfulness.

d) You don’t have to attend every battle you are invited to…protect your peace at all costs: Avoid complaining and people who complain, arguments, fights and any kind of negative interaction. I know its easy to say but what can be done about the folks you live with. Particularly when there is no escape what with the lockdown confining all of us to the barracks (er our rooms). This is one lesson which took me forever to learn. you don’t have to attend every battle you are invited to… many folks are fighting their own demons and projecting them on to you… their experience has nothing to do with you and you are certainly not required to be anyone’s punching bag (More on this later). I have learned the fine art of ignoring people even when I live with them… when it became clear they are a detriment to my mental health and peace.

e) An attitude of Gratitude: Growing up I witnessed a lot of complaining and victim behaviour from family members. My spiritual practise later in life taught me several key secrets. If you are not grateful for what you have; you block the path of abundance. The Universe cannot send you more blessings. I recommend making a list of 15 things each day; actually, writing them down in a gratitude journal to get you started (you can also say these out loud if you prefer). Try this and watch your life change.

f) Raise your vibe, Energy Matters: Be super mindful of the stuff you watch, read, etc. The people you surround yourself with, even the music you listen to. Ever wonder why so many folks return from work drained? I personally refuse to watch the news on Tv, I get my feed online and make sure it is limited to credible, responsible journalism (or as good as it gets these days really). Pay close attention to how you feel around people …energy never lies. Family and friends are supposed to lift you up and vice versa. if that’s not happening you are well within your rights to distance, disengage in essence… switch off. Energy Vampires are everywhere… you know that woman you work with who drains the life out of you? Even if she is your boss you can build an energy shield around you and keep her at bay.

g) Commit to a better you… Learn something new: I spent ALL of 2020 learning new stuff, certifying in certain areas I felt I could focus on and offer services around. It took my mind off everything that was going awry and kept me in a space of excitement, newness and joy. Please know I am NOT recommending you stay in denial or block reality from your awareness, I am only saying that you should acknowledge it and then switch your focus. There is very little to be achieved by incessantly harping on and on about everything that’s going wrong with the world.

I’ve stopped entertaining, friends and family who do this even inadvertently… I will subtly but swiftly find a way to switch the subject or else ask how they plan to address the things that are worrying them. Yeah, I’m not too popular with these folks but like I said anything to protect my peace…. I learned to let go of my need to be liked a long time ago…

Next time you complain about the sake of complaining or think you are just having a good rant and getting things off your chest stop and ask yourself whether you are discussing things to find a solution or simply to go round in circles. Know that if it is the latter what you are actually doing is dragging energy down… yours and the poor person listening/ engaging with you.

h) Pivot & Twist: At the risk of sounding like Mary Poppins I will say that I believe that in every adversity lies opportunity. I have pivoted on the work front, literally contorted (a trapeze artist would be proud at my stunts) to find solutions and offer my skills and services in new and innovative ways … and guess what? While it was a lot of backbreaking work, effort, constant rejection and tears… I kept the faith. And today I have more than enough encouragement to keep me going.

i) Be Loving, be faithful be kind but don’t let em pay you no mind…. Don’t ever allow anyone else to treat you with anything other than complete respect and loving kindness. When love is no longer being served have the courage and wisdom to get up and walk away from the table.

We teach people how to treat us so if you witness a repeat pattern of disrespect from any individual(s) regardless of the circumstances. You need to have a calm quiet but firm chat once; if there is a repeat disengage, WALK AWAY. Be very mindful of a “victim” mindset; it is incredibly easy to slip into and extremely hard to climb out of… I know tons of women who are forced to stay with disrespectful, abusive even partners because they are economically dependant on them and are afraid to step into their light. I always encourage them to build up their courage and resources and WALK.

j) A Soul lesson is NOT the Story of your life!

You are the CEO of your life. hire, fire and promote wisely: Be very careful of the stories you tell about yourself. even the thoughts you have about you. How do you speak to you and about you? What are the things you accept and tolerate? What would you like to change? What are your deal breakers? Your priorities? Use this time to identify them, focus on YOU. Nurture YOU… Do things for YOU that make YOU feel good. Even if it means eating a bar of chocolate or watching the Real Housewives or some such.

k) Find your north star and stay focussed: Seek role models you can learn from. Seek people who inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

People you can learn from, people who make you feel good.

L) Remember our time here is short. we are not meant to live an angst filled heavy existence. We are meant to enjoy life, dance in abundance and Thrive!

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