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Zodiac Sings in the Times of Quantum Physics

Mar 19, 2021
Demi Powell
Core Spirit member since Sep 4, 2019
Reading time 11 min.

Multiverse astrology is traditional astrology, but it takes the recent discoveries in cosmology, astrophysics and quantum physics and uses them as a way of understanding the four elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. This then goes on to give a far deeper understanding of the motivational forces behind the Zodiac signs and our astrology, and it answers questions that have so far gone un-answered.

Just as the astronomers and scientists are making breakthrough discoveries at lightening speed, so we should also be making the equivalent leaps in astrology. Multiverse astrology is one of these leaps. One of the most interesting scientific discoveries of recent years is that of dark matter and dark energy. Basically, astrophysicists added up how much there should be in the Universe to keep it as it is - to stop it flying apart and keep it in the position it’s in. When they added it all up, they got an answer that stunned them - 96% of the Universe is missing. We can’t touch it, see it or interact with it at all. It is invisible. Everything we know – all the stars, all the galaxies, all the planets, all the gas in the Cosmos, everything on the Earth – all of it - only accounts for 4% of what they theorise MUST be there. 96% is in a different dimension or plain that exists along side ours, and doesn’t interact with ours at all except in the quantum realm. They have called the missing stuff dark, dark energy and dark matter to be exact. The dark 96% is right there in the room with you now. But it’s in a different dimension. So you can wave your arms around and you don’t hit anything, but actually you have just passed your arms through it. The 4% that we know and live in was formed out of the 100% in the Big Bang. Out of the chaos, atoms got together to form the substances that make up our world. Another scientific revolution of relevance is to do with quantum and particle physics. World-class physicists P. Davies and J. Gribbin state in The Matter Myth:

“Quantum theory has totally transformed our image of matter. The old assumption that the microscopic world of atoms was simply a scaled down version of the everyday world had to be abandoned.”

The scientists now understand that atoms are made up of even smaller bits called particles, which can be one-millionth the size of an atom. But the best bit is - these particles aren’t solid! They are “weird excitations and vibrations of invisible field energy” Putting it really simply, all these different particles have a force fields that resist and spin, so put them all together in atoms with spinning bits, and all the resistances add up to make something ‘feel’ solid. They have also found particles that pop into our existence, or dimension, and then pop out again. These particles seem to take energy from another dimension where everything is crazy, and they leap in and out of empty space. The gaps or space into between the particles is not empty says a leading scientist in the field, Xiao-Gang Wen.

He goes on to explain that it is a medium, which produces particles from which the universe is formed. “We are like the fishes in the ocean who regard water as empty space.” He predicts that these particles come out of other dimensions - the 96%. One theory predicts up to 11 other dimensions. The scientists are even calling the other dimension “the Ether” and talking of parallel universes in serious science magazines. They theorise that electromagnetic waves are produced in the Ether that can affect our world; we can receive ‘information’ from it. So what has all that got to do with astrology? The four basic elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water can easily be identified in this new scientific models. And in fact, we can get a much better understanding of these elements and their Zodiac sign modules. This essay discusses the roles of Earth and Fire. Fire exists in the 96%. It is energy. This energy is the chaos out of which matter or Earth element is formed. Earth emerges out of Fire. Matter emerges out of energy. The Big Bang of science, or the ‘Fall’ of man in Christian terms, is when the element of Earth formed into the 4% of our known world, and it formed out of the chaos or energy or Fire of the 96%. In The Death of Forever a Nobel Prize winning scientist says this:

“Our reality comes about because of the collapse of quantum energy or waves into matter or Earth. The transformation of erratic quantum particle into symmetry and a seemingly solid state is the Fall from spiritual state (quantum world) into this world of tangible Human. The fall from eternity into Time. It’s that simple.”

And when Earth or matter dissipates it becomes Fire or energy again. (This is the 2nd law of physics. Nothing ever just stops, the energy is always transferred into something else). So like the Yin Yang Tao symbol, the seed of one is in the other. The fire at the centre of planet Earth can also be seen as a symbol of this. Knowing this really helps to understand the relationship between the Fire Zodiac Signs and the Earth Zodiac Signs, where they are always intent on annihilating the other. Earth fears chaos and seeks to bring order and form. Fire fears order and perpetuates chaos. The opposition symbolism however, describes how they are really each end of the same thing. The Earth element is the 4%, but it has come out of the energy of the 96%, and it will return to it. Now we can really understand deity and the Divine better too. The element of Fire is spirit. And spirit is the gods and goddesses of the God-ness.

So the Fire in our natal chart is the divine part of us which is connected to the Fire (energy) of the 96%. When we use our Fire planets and signs, we can connect to the spirit or Fire in the 96% and draw from it, as we do when we just know or get divine inspiration or prophecy. Jupiter is the main portal for this. Let’s dwell for a moment on Polarity, Yin Yang or Masculine-Feminine energy. Earth at one end of the opposition has complete mastery of the feminine polarity, encompassing Mother Nature and fecundity. Whilst Fire, the masculine principle, is surging spiritual ENERGY with no form, but unlimited potential. Since Fire and Earth are enemies, Earth refuses to accept the dreams and aspirations of Fire, challenging them as unrealistic and impossible. But now we can see where Fire gets it’s information from, it comes from the 96% where everything is known all at once. There is no past, no future and no time and no ‘now’. All possibilities and potentials exist and can be called in, and this is what we do when Cosmic Ordering.

When we dream something up, make a leap and magic it in, we are calling on the Fire or gnosis in the 96%. Since Earth fights against this principle, championing the cause of that which can be touched, seen and proven in double-blind research studies, it refutes where Fire gets its belief and convictions from. To Earth, the unseen does not exist. But Fire does, under cosmic instruction, turn into Earth. Quantum physics tells us that the atoms of matter are really spinning energy, formed into lattices of order. Those dreams can become reality. And when something dies, it releases energy and the spirit returns to the Ether. Interestingly, we can see the symbolism for this in the Cosmos, where the presence of a Universal Mind (the element of Air), or Cosmic instruction is really obvious. Cosmology tells us that super-massive black holes regulate growth and matter/energy conversion for the re-generation of the Universe. Matter (planets and gas) fall into the black holes, and energy comes out. Scientists tell us that the process has an intelligent design, (Air element) which stops too many Suns (stars) from forming, and so limits the growth of the galaxies. A similar design process happens here on Earth, and one assumes we will not be allowed to keep too much Earth in the 4%, a certain amount has to return to Fire!

Since we have mentioned the role of Air briefly there, I will also say just a little about Water. Like Earth, Water can be physically touched, held and felt (unlike Fire and Air), and it is right, therefore, that it is Feminine, joining with Earth in the fecundity of Mother Nature. Water clings and carries. It holds all the memories of existence, and it holds the individual and collective soul. It is the stuff or Maya of pre-existence, and exists in abundance in it’s molecular form in our dimension, and in an ‘invisible’ dark form in the 96%. (On the Chandra web site, NASA have even chosen the name dark fluid to describe the combination of dark energy and dark matter.) When we intuit with the Water in our horoscopes, we are accessing the Water in the other dimension(s), and perhaps this is how we contact other souls who have passed on. One of the big science stories of the Multiverse era is the rise of wave understanding. Everything moves in waves – not just the radio waves and microwaves of our dimension, but much of the theory of the quantum realm and other dimensions is concerned with ‘waves’. So we can make the assumption that this is the medium which accepts and transfers in waves - from one dimension to another. Quite simply, this is the Water of astrology. It remains for us to see what ancient writings told us. The following can be found in the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts found in Egypt in 1945 and written 01A.D. (These texts are important because they were never translated or corrupted by the Catholic Church.) The ‘ Origin of the World’ text tells us that ‘matter’ comes out of the ‘limitless chaos’ which comes out of ‘darkness’, and that “matter was in chaos, being in part of it”. Seems clear enough to me! And by what other names do we know the rose of the 96%? Why… the Underworld of course! Myth already told us of it’s existence and the presence of the dark lord, Pluto. Our scientists officially call the 96% ‘dark’, they say it consist of dark energy and dark matter. In myth Pluto is reputed to wear a mask of invisibility when he visits the Upperworld, and indeed, the 96% is invisible to us. Simple really!

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