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Magic Minerals for Health and Medicine

Mar 29, 2018
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This essay is not about MMS (Magical Mineral Supplement), which I have written about before. MMS is not something that ever attracted me; certainly, it is hard to stand its smell. What this article is about are the real magic minerals, which together bring about the miracle of life. Plants often know better than people do. They thrive on highly mineralized soil. They know what is good for them and what they need.

The most important essential minerals that make us strong and lubricate the biological process of life are magnesium, bicarbonate, iodine, selenium, sodium, calcium, potassium and zinc. These are the everyday minerals that we need in sufficient quantities for the body to heal itself. Doctors and western medicine in general have no idea, in a practical sense, what causes the full spectrum of chronic diseases, yet we know when plants do not grow up strong that there is something missing in their soil. These minerals are vital for health and as such when we get sick with either acute syndromes or chronic disease, they make the very best medicines.

Calcium becomes toxic in the face of magnesium deficiencies but deficiencies in any of these minerals will stunt growth and health. Almost everyone has some fears based on heavy conditioning and misinformation about selenium fearing its toxicity, which is extremely low if taken in the correct form. If one wants to take selenium in the same form that they give to horses well then you will be taking your chances at high dosages. However, in the form developed by the great medical genius Dr. Revici, where selenium is chemically bound to a lipid, extremely high dosages are tolerated easily. I wrote my book on selenium when I found out a pharmaceutical company was producing injectable selenium for intensive care wards for inflammation.

Chronic disease, caused by mineral deficiencies, cause chronic pain, chronic fatigue and just about every other syndrome one can imagine. Everyone alive, like all plants, should consider their real needs for all the essential minerals.

Magnesium Supplements

I started my Natural Allopathic protocol with my discovery of transdermal magnesium therapy and have since had more magnesium massages than anyone has. Pure magnesium chloride (oil) has no equal in the world of medicine, and though some emergency rooms and intensive care wards do use it, they do not use it nearly enough. One can drink magnesium chloride and it is excellent for constipation. Like vitamin C, one can take dosages up to the point of one’s bowel tolerance.

I discovered that magnesium bicarbonate extends life and is the perfect mitochondrial cocktail allowing for maximum penetration of both magnesium and bicarbonate into the cells. There are a few natural spring waters that are high in magnesium bicarbonate though if one does not live in either California or Australia, where one can buy these waters, one can buy a concentrate and make and drink all of one’s waters with magnesium bicarbonate. I do not generally recommend people to make it themselves with milk of magnesia because of the impurities that are sometimes found in magnesia products.

When it comes to taking bicarbonate, there are other forms and many ways of taking it. Baking soda is the most universally available and probably the most inexpensive medicine on the planet and is used to save lives every day in emergency rooms around the globe. Everyone can benefit from bicarbonate because the body often struggles to make enough of it, and oxygen transport and delivery is dependent on sufficient levels of it. As we age bicarbonate levels diminish so older folks should take some every day.

Cancer patients should never neglect bicarbonate therapy because it increases oxygen to the cells, something that cancer cells certainly do no enjoy. For long-term use and even for short-term adjunct to sodium bicarbonate I recommend capsules with a mixture of sodium and potassium bicarbonate. Moreover, for nebulization I recommend a capsule that contains a mixture of bicarbonate and glutathione.

Iodine is a wonderful mineral and is more magical that MMS. Part of the living proof of that statement is that parents can use it for their children not only to keep them healthy but also as a substitute for antibiotics when they get sick. MMS cannot be and should not be used on children though I respect, to a point, its use (especially when used transdermally) by adults when nothing else works. Because iodine kills viruses, bacteria and fungi, it is the perfect pediatric medicine. And because of its importance for the thyroid, breasts, ovaries and prostate glands, it is important in the prevention of cancer and treatment of these glands.

Iodine is also vital in today’s post Fukushima world because of all the radioactive iodine that has been released into the world. When one is deficient in iodine then one is a sitting duck not only for radioactive iodine but also for other thyroid poisons like fluoride, which insane doctors and government officials put into the public water supplies, as well as bromide, which is found in many pharmaceutical medicines.

All of these minerals are used by emergency room and intensive care ward doctors who are not duped by pharmaceutical representatives nor by their teachers in medical schools who only know how to use toxic drugs that poison the mitochondria. One can become an expert in the treatment of many diseases when one is in command of all these minerals though my full protocol goes much further and beyond into intensive use of substances like oxygen, medical marijuana and infrared radiation as well as other basics like vitamin C, D, E as well as edible and transdermal use of clay.

by Dr Sircus

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