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LOVE IS everything that YOU ARE, and in THIS is the end of seeking for LOVE. (The Knowledge of SELF)

Feb 18, 2021
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Anything you claim to be, LOVE will reveal that you are not really anything that “separates” you into being the identity you’re claiming to be.

Thus LOVE always reveals “it”-SELF to be the SELF that everything really is.

From the identity that isn’t really you, you will claim to know and love “your”-SELF as that so-called “separate identity” that isn’t really you, it is and it isn’t the SELF. The SELF is the reality, and the reality of the SELF-aware conscious being that YOU ARE is paradoxical.

Warning: The human brain is mentally conditioned with thought patterns and is clinging to beliefs that will project a psychological image of “you” having trouble understanding the following, although who YOU TIMELESSLY ARE already fully understands, all this is is a reminder, to interrupt the brains cycling of information that is it’s “neurology” and to point the brain back to it’s quintessential nature…the SELF-aware presence that is YOU. The brain cannot be forced into understanding and one portion of the brain, a bundle of neurons, synapsis, and information held and shared within this bundle, will attempt to dominate other portions of the same brain as if it was a different brain, but is the same brain that has many “different” neurons, synapsis, and holds and shares different information. The same and different. Everything is equally the same and yet different, every “thing” is equally unique and not unique (misunderstood as being separate and not equal).

The identity YOU identity with that appears “in” the reality/consciousness that YOU ARE is and isn’t “you.” In other words, for the most part, it is a denial of the wholeness of reality AND an acceptance of a “part” of reality, but a part of reality is part and parcel the whole of reality that is not only ever just a part of reality. Reality is obviously inseparable and you have never known or experienced any real separation beyond the imagining of there being a separation.

That mental concept of SELF (self-concept), a mentally conjured self-image, or more aptly put, it’s dreamed up, imagined/imagination.

In all that you resist and judge as not being “your”-SELF will seemingly clamor for you to recognize that acceptance happens not in the mind, despite whatever thought says about this being true or untrue, but happens in the SELF and the SELF is unconditional love “it”-SELF. Whatever “you,” this illusion you have of “your”-SELF pushes away and judges only stays with you and dra in closer in all your attempts to condemn it to non-existence it’s existence becomes even more apparent and the brain will call it a “problem,” even call it an “evil” problem that it will then begin to fear it and view it as an adversary, as something identified as “definitely not me” nor “something I would ever do as that is NOT ‘my’ identity (mental self-image, mental self-concept, thought/dream/imagining of SELF).

This is demonstrated in what you judge will judge you by the same measure you judge anything else by. This is psychology is often referred to as a “psychological projection.” A “psychological projection” is defined as a defense mechanism in which the ego (brain) defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities by denying their existence in themselves by attributing them to others.

LOVE is unconditional, but is LOVE is often distorted as being conditional and needing certain conditions to be experienced by the brain that doesn’t know and understand (recognize) “it”-SELF is not a brain, but that it is all-inclusively everything that life appears to be which is LOVE’s own expression of “it”-SELF.

So the illusory separate self that is no one, believes it is the separate experiencer of LOVE, but that separate self doesn’t realize it doesn’t really exist. A thought cannot realize and know the SELF a a thought is realized and known to SELF. Isn’t that YOUR direct experience of thoughts as YOU know thoughts to appear to YOU? LOVE is experiencing “it”-SELF, there apparently is experiencing, but the illusory “separate experiencer” is not even so much as apparent beyond the imagination of it.

LOVE manifests this illusion to demonstrate the only reality there is the SELF that unconditional love is! There is nothing else, but LOVE, YOU. “Unconditional love” is exactly that, LOVE without any real conditions or limitations. That doesn’t negate and reject limitations and conditions but also includes and embraces them, wholly. LOVE is the unknowable wholeness appearing as the incomplete knowable. Can you know an apparent object by including everything all-inclusively? Of course not. That would be extremely confusing for the brain to do if it wasn’t also impossible for the brain to do to begin with. You have to ignore everything that appears to be existence in order to focus on some “thing” to know that thing as a distinct unique object with its own distinctive properties, but that’s a dream, it’s not what it appears to be. It is the quintessential unknowable SELF appearing as the absolute-relative knowable SELF that LOVE appears as everything LIFE seems to be. What is “seen” is the “seeing,” the seeing and the seen are apparently happening is a reflective image that all in existence reflects that which is beyond existence, reflecting the reality that YOU ARE. All “reality,” all that which seems like physical phenomena along with the sense perceptions and thought reflects that YOU ARE, that LOVE IS, that there is only THIS and nothing more than THIS as everything is THIS, even all that which appears and disappears.

Now substitute YOU ARE with “I AM.” This is the primary a thought from which the illusion of separation arises, and you con-fuse “your”-SELF with the dream of the SELF that isn’t really the dream it appears to be in the imagination.

I AM is the primary to which all else follows and the “world out there” then appears along with the appearance of consciousness being trapped in a body that is never been trapped in the body at all as the body appears in consciousness. Do you not see that “thing” you take to be “your” body? Does it not seem like “you” are seeing through that body’s eyes? YOU ARE seeing through the body as the body and as not the body, but the thought of “me” being in the body seeing through the eyes is what distorts your sensory perception. That dream of “me” is not who is seeing through the body that also sees the body, YOU ARE the seeing, what is seen, what is unseen, and that which has no eyes and is not seeing.

Observe the activity of the primary thought. I AM.

I AM, and yet YOU ARE prior to this thought, while existence and nonexistence appears and disappears. I AM, and yet YOU ARE prior to this thought, while life and death appears and disappears. I AM, everything and nothing, all that appears to be “something seperate” appears and disappears. Yet do YOU, consciousness, ever appear and disappear with anything that is appearing and disapearing?

Even when the brain sleeps awareness is never asleep and consciousness never sleeps. Sleep only seems to be happening in consciousness. Dreams don’t happen in sleep, the dream happens exactly where sleep happens, in consciousness, in YOU.

Everything that comes and goes doesn’t appear to be consciousness because it is consciousness in disguise appearing as what it is to what it not, the SELF reflecting “it”-SELF to “it”-SELF as “it”-SELF that isn’t an “it,” but there isn’t anything that isn’t “it,” that isn’t YOU, that isn’t the SELF, that isn’t LIFE which is LOVE’s own expression.

Notice how all that “you,” this so-called separate indivdual you take yourself to be, can’t seem to accept you wouldn’t say that you love such things, but that you hate such things and wish they did not exist. “You” judge them as being bad, evil, harmful, flaws, and imperfections, they are not ideal, in the sense they do not match what you picture (image) in imagination, you imagine is pictured in your mind. Those things that are less than ideal that you do not love and that you try so hard to push away, maybe you even work very hard and proactively in protest against it and you are a big voice for changing one, some, or none of these things that we say we do not love. Perhaps, you would love to see it be destroyed and fade away into nonexistence, into nothingness, total emptiness. What makes “you” think that isn’t already what everything already is, nothing that it appears to be? And yet it all appears to be something, doesn’t it?

LOVE says that LOVE alone is all there is, yet it seems it is only ever a thought that says love is not all there is, that what apparently is opposite of love is not love at all. But how could they be opposite if they weren’t upon the same scale in which they are said to be distinguishing a measurement and establishing an idea of what is love and what isn’t love? In order to “know” what love is not wouldn’t love have to be included to make that distinction in the first place? See LOVE doesn’t separate “it”-SELF from “it”-SELF but everything is a reflection of the SELF. THIS is LOVE!

In all that “you” say you don’t love and all that you claim is not worthy of being lovable is a denial of reality, that it clearly already is unconditionally loved, embraced, and thus acceptable for it to exist as however LIFE which is LOVE is appearing to YOU. What appears is YOU and isn’t YOU, equally, as there is nothing else but the SELF that is LOVE expressing “it”-SELF as everything LIFE appears to be, which LIFE also disappears and doesn’t appear to be, which is what we call “death” or nonexistence. Yet death is not only ever just an opposite of life. Life and death are inseparable. “You” couldn’t ever know life without knowing death, and likewise, you couldn’t know death without knowing life. “You” couldn’t know existence without knowing nonexistence, existence and nonexistence are not only ever just what they appear to be, they are also not what they appear to be and are equally one in the same thing, equally not the things they appear to be.

So in judging anything whatsoever you only call it forth the relationship that “you” have with “it.” Although YOU are not really “you” (the psychological self-image that YOU are projecting as being a separate self that is not at all separate and is stuck in the imagination of it, which “it” isn’t really an “it” as it is “your”-SELF in disguise appearing “in” consciousness as consciousness made of what there only is alone, consciousness. Not the concept of consciousness, not any image in the “mind” being conjured up by the brain is what I am referring to here. What I mean by “consciousness” is the knowing of your direct experience, the light that shines upon all apparent “things” that are seen by the seeing which the seeing and the seen are one in the same thing that is equally not a thing, and that is the paradox that is YOU, that LOVE is!

LOVE is not the concept you have of “love” which is extremely limiting where LOVE is limitless, however, clearly that concept “of” love (a mere reflection of the LOVE that everything is) is still clearly embraced in consciousness and allowed to manifest and exist as some “thing” to appear to be witnessed, to be described as having distinctive qualities to tell it apart from all that it isn’t. That concept of love that a thought might reject and accept is already accepted by LOVE long before the thought (which also claims to be a mind in all it claims to be and not be, but the mind isn’t anything it claims to be) of agreeing or disagreeing with whatever is appearing as being acceptable or needing to be feared, rejected, condemned, and destroyed. Yet LOVE says that LOVE alone is all there is, and LOVE only sees “it”-SELF no matter what LOVE is appearing in a known form the unknowable formless that is in all forms and all forms are in the formless which the brain ignores this most obvious “thing” about all things that are everything. That is why YOU seem to be looking through eyes of the body because YOU ARE, but you are also what thought claims to be “outside” of the body, but in reality/consciousness there is NO outside nor inside, there is only the SELF that everything is.

Seeing is never happening separately from what is seen. What is seen is seeing. And what is seeing is seen. Yet the eyes of the body don’t seem to be seeing the same eyes the seeing seems to be happening through and this is where the confusion arises. Can “you,” the brain, see “it” clearly now? Has the confusion seemingly collapsed? That confusion that had you believing there really was a separation that the “thing” that seems to be seeing and the “things” that seem to be seen are never really separate? What seems to be two, is two, and equally is what’s not two. What is seen is seeing “it”-SELF in appearance appearing to what is not. If this seems like something you are having trouble understanding then understand this, the brain doesn’t want to understand this yet, although, it’s the brain that’s actually doing anything it claims through thought to be doing, and it’s only a problem needing to be understood when you keep identifying with what is appearing in appearance to YOU. Where are YOU that has no appearance that all is appearing to? YOU also don’t appear while everything that is appearing equally and paradoxically, is and isn’t YOU.

This doesn’t need to be understood, taught, or learned by the brain. It need not be realized or recognized by the brain…although in a sense it can be, it can on that appearance of having been realized and recognized by a brain. Although, the brain isn’t really what it appears to be. It’s YOU in disguise as a brain hiding from “your”-SELF with nowhere to hide because the LIFE that everything is in appearance is already YOU appearing to “your”-SELF as a miraculous reflection, an immaculate conception, for there is nothing other than the nondual SELF so “how” it is appearing to “it”-SELF is unknowable. Knowing is the unknowable appearing as everything knowable. And so to mistake the illusion of separation for being a reality is absolutely understandable, absolutely forgivable, absolutely acceptable, embraced and loved unconditionally without limitations.

Do NOT believe this, but do go forth and know this for “your”-SELF. Do NOT settle for a mere appearance to tell you what is true. You cannot know the truth in some dream of there being a separation and the illusion cannot be seen through to free the seeing of it from the illusion in order that it seemingly collapse in the brain. Limitations do not prove YOU are limited. On the contrary, limitations reveal the truth that YOU ARE limitless. Could YOU truly be limitless if YOU couldn’t manifest appearances and experience limitations? No, if you could not manifest and experience limitations then YOU would truly be limited. YOU are already free of everything, free of all limitations, free of all things, free of all distinctions that are mentally made, free of a brain that is constantly seeking to be free from all it’s limitations and thus why the brain claims to be in pursuit of happiness and total satisfaction hopelessly trying to bring an end to it’s personal story of ultimately being dissatisfied with life as it appears and is constantly seeking knowledge and understanding because thought says to know our origins will fix what thought says the image of you as a separate self are guilty of having broken and having brought all this suffering upon “your”-SELF. But that is only a dream. And seeing it for what it appears it to be and seeing that it is already accepted, embraced and unconditionally loved is enough to realize and recognize for the “person” to eventually come home to being, not the person or anything we imagine “our”-SELF to be, yet Being is YOU.

We often say we do not love death, but that we do love life. However, death is life and life is death, both seem to always happening in and of “them”-SELF. Every moment “you” are living “you” are dying. We “think” life is sacred, and we “think” death is a tragic curse. What is ignored is thought is claiming to be the thinker and YOU are ignoring that you are identifying with the thought as if all you are is the thinker of thoughts and that thoughts are completely separate. The “thinker” never shows up without the thought that “I am the thinker of my thoughts.” The thinker follows the sensation of being and the thought of “I AM,” but ultimately the thought is not what it claims to be so the thought of “I AM” is not the “I AM,” it is YOU in disguise hiding before, behind, and in and out of your very eyes. Life alone isn’t scared as life is nothing without death, and so death is equally scared as is life. Life and death as YOU know it is equally scared. Now where is the fear of death or the fear to live? It collapses when the brain turns inward and the last thing it claims to be a seer of is that the brain isn’t what it really appears it to be, but is also equally everything it appears not to be. Is there a body and a brain or is the body also equally the brain? Is there a body and brain or is the body and brain also equally the consciousness it appears “in,” appears “as,” and appears “of” “it”-SELF?

Now where is this need to “justify” our condemnation of “our”-SELF? We are already wholly existence and nonexistence, wholly life and death. We already are not “we” as in not a separate “you” nor a separate “me,” but “we” are an expression of “our”-SELF.

LOVE says that LOVE alone is all there is. Keep that firmly fixated in the form of your brain. Notice how everything a thought becomes a ranting and raving adversary to, whatever it is going to war with, even when thought goes war against there being wars, and it condemns that thing it judges and tries to hopelessly push it away, banishing it and wishing it into being nonexistent is clearly already accepted. And despite this knowing this is appearance is a dream, and that thoughts do not have an inherent quality of awareness and it’s a thought that claims the brain does in denial of the reality that it is YOU that is the SELF-aware timeless presence appearing in all things that appear in the the consciousness that is YOU be with your thoughts anyway. You are already free, obviously, as it is apparent YOU are free to dream. Be with all that is appearing, including being with those thoughts that claim to be YOU, but YOU know paradoxically, equally are and are not “your”-SELF. Be the brain and don’t be the brain, and accept whatever LIFE is appearing as. Even if LIFE appears as a thought that seems to say, “I cannot accept this,” then accept that too, accept your nonacceptance of whatever that may be but don’t imagine YOU need to cling to your nonacceptance, and observe how though your brain doesn’t want to accept it your heart does. YOU also are and are not your heart, but the HEART I’m pointing to is the inseparable SELF “it”-SELF. Then you’ll see LOVE like you’re never seen it before, as the unconditional LOVE that YOU TIMELESSLY ARE loving everything unconditionally revealing the truth that LOVE says that LOVE alone is all there is, and that is YOU.

Where does “thought” think everything can go when THIS LOVE is all there is, obviously.

There are no limits to make LOVE be anything else that isn’t already everything that LOVE is! Everything you try to desperately seek to get ahold and fight and struggle to protect it with dear life that you may claim that you’d lay “your own” life down for it appears, eventually, to leave you, despite that there is no lengths you won’t go to keep it as your own because you love “it” so dearly. That is a limited mental conditioning, however, it’s a dream. As YOU ARE already everything and YOU ARE “your” own limitless source of LOVE as LOVE “it”-SELF. Where could anything go when everything that is and isn’t is already THIS wholeness YOU ARE? Let “your”-SELF be the SELF as whatever LIFE is appearing to be to YOU and allow your brain’s psychosomatic misunderstanding of being an imaginary separate person with a separate mind and separate dissolve in the source of LOVE that everything is. Allow everything to be revealed to the SELF that is equally the total emptiness of being nothing, not ever only just the things they equally appear to be! Then LOVE will be known to be unconditional rather than “unconditional love” appearing to be some abstract concept that is never experienced when there is nothing else, but LOVE unconditional to experiencing “it”-SELF. LOVE will make “it”-SELF apparent and that which isn’t even apparent but a mere illusion that claims to be a reality that has no separate reality will collapse in on the LOVE that the SELF alone is! Then LOVE will be seen that there are no limits to what LOVE can liberate and free to seeing beyond what things only seem to be.

Then LOVE will say to “it” -SELF, “LOVE says that LOVE alone is all there is! And even the SELF will bow to LOVE and be perfectly in LOVE with being No-SELF rather than fear and fight the LOVE of “it”-SELF any longer.

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